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Armed Forces of Ukraine (Збройні сили України) is the military of Ukraine. All military forces are under the command of the President of Ukraine. The Armed Forces are composed of Ground Forces, Navy, Air-force and Airmobile Forces. Territorial battalions were created on order of the president of Ukraine in 2014, but received minimal founding and relied on donations. All territorial battalions were integrated into Ground Forces by November 2014.

If you are interested in volunteer units within the structure of Armed Forces of Ukraine, check the following list.


1st Armored Brigade 3rd Armored Brigade 4th Armored Brigade 5th Armored Brigade 14th Armored Brigade
17th Armored Brigade        


10th Mountain Brigade 11th Mechanized Brigade 14th Mechanized Brigade 15th Mechanized Brigade 24th Mechanized Brigade
28th Mechanized Brigade 30th Mechanized Brigade 33rd Mechanized Brigade 53rd Mechanized Brigade 54th Mechanized Brigade
56th Motorized Brigade 57th Motorized Brigade 58th Motorized Brigade 59th Motorized Brigade 60th Mechanized Brigade
61st Jager Brigade 62nd Mechanized Brigade 63nd Mechanized Brigade 72nd Mechanized Brigade 92nd Mechanized Brigade
93rd Mechanized Brigade 128th Mountain Brigade      


15th Artillery Regiment 19th Missile Brigade 26th Artillery Brigade 27th Rocket Brigade 32nd Artillery Brigade
38th Artillery Brigade 40th Artillery Brigade 43rd Artillery Brigade 44th Artillery Brigade 55th Artillery Brigade
107th Artillery Regiment


7th Aviation Brigade 10th Marine Aviation 11th Aviation Brigade 12th Aviation Regiment 15th Aviation Brigade
16th Aviation Brigade 18th Aviation Brigade 25tAviationon Regiment 39th Aviation Brigade 40th Aviation Brigade
114th Aviation Brigade 204th Aviation Brigade 299th Aviation Brigade 383rd UAV Brigade 456th Aviation Brigade
831st Aviation Brigade        

Anti-Air Defense

11th AA Regiment 38th AA Regiment 39th AA Regiment 96th AA Brigade 138th AA Brigade
156th AA Regiment 160th AA Regiment 201st AA Regiment 208th AA Brigade 210th AA Regiment
223 AA Regiment 301th AA Regiment 540 AA Regiment 1039th AA Regiment 1129th AA Brigade
5th Tactical Battalion 23rd Tank Battalion 25th Airborne Brigade 45th AirAssault Brigade 46th AirAssault Brigade
79th AirAssault Brigade 80th AirAssault Brigade 81st Airmobile Brigade 95th AirAssault Brigade 132nd Intelligence Battalion
148th Artillery Group        

Navy Forces

1st Surface Ships Brigade 1st Support Division 5th Surface Ships Brigade 8th Support Division 24th Boats Division

Marine Corps

10th Aviation Brigade 32nd Artillery Regiment 35th Marine Brigade 36th Marine Brigade 406th Artillery Regiment
3rd Regiment 8th Regiment 54th Intelligence Battalion 74th Intelligence Battalion 101st Guard Brigade
129th Intelligence Battalion 130th Intelligence Battalion 131th Intelligence Battalion 140th Special Purpose 143rd Intelligence Battalion
12th Support Regiment 16th Support Regiment 48th Engineering Brigade 50th Recover Regiment 48th Engineering Brigade
55th Communication Brigade 91st Support Regiment 121st Communication Brigade 145th Engineering Brigade 146th Engineering Brigade
502nd Electric Warfare 703rd Engineer Regiment 704th Chemical Regiment 808th Pontoon Regiment  
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