9th Army Corps is a combined arms corps of Ukrainian Ground Forces, first mentioned in the order of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine dated November 21, 2022. The unit was formed in the city Lutsk in Volyn Oblast, based on the money allocation and visual representation of Liubart’s Castle in the unit’s emblem.

Recent News

Update on 9th and 10th Army Corps

Both Ukrainian Army Corps report changes in its structure and 10th Army Corps has a new commander.

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Official reveal of 9th Army Corps

Ukrainian command showed its insignia and additional units which are part of the corps.

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Composition of 9th Army Corps

Here’s what we know about the Ukrainian 9th Army Corps, the new formation formed in 2022.

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Here you can find the last known structure of the unit, including their insignias if available.

1st Special Purpose Brigade


1 ОБрСпП

3rd Assault Brigade


3 ОШБр

4th Tank Brigade


4 ОТБр

47th Artillery Brigade


47 ОАБр

47th Mechanized Brigade


47 ОМБр

58th Motorized Brigade


58 ОМПБр

67th Mechanized Brigade


67 ОМБр

92nd Engineering Battalion


92 оісб

474th Guard Battalion


474 ОБОТ

182nd Training Battalion

We currently don’t have information about the unit’s insignia history. Please check back later.