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No word on this unit in public space.


Here you can find the last known structure of the unit, including their insignia if available.

Brigade’s Headquarters

The unit includes the headquarters, management and commandant platoon.

1st Artillery Battalion

The first linear artillery battalion of the brigade.

2nd Artillery Battalion

The second linear artillery battalion of the brigade.

3rd Artillery Battalion

The third linear artillery battalion of the brigade.

Anti-Tank Battalion

The anti-tank battalion of the brigade.

14th Guard Battalion

Formed in 2014 as 14th Territorial Defense Battalion. Reformed in 2017 as a linear guard battalion of the brigade.

Artillery Reconnaissance Battalion

The artillery recon unit of the brigade.

Engineer Company

The engineers of the brigade.

Logistic Company

The logistic company of the brigade.

Maintenance Company

The repair & restoration company of the brigade.

Signal Company

The signal company of the brigade.

Radar Company

The radar and radiolocation company of the brigade.

Medical Company

The medics of the brigade.

CBRN Protection Company

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence unit.


Here you can find all equipment of the unit. All images of vehicles and weapons listed below are taken from the official social media page of the unit.

2022 – today

AHS Krab



| Amount: 18

PzH 2000



| Amount: 28

until 2022




| Amount: 5+

2S19 Msta-S



| Amount: 35

2A36 Giatsint-B


Field Gun

| Amount: 5+

Equipment Losses

We currently don’t have information about the unit’s equipment casualties. Please check back later.
We currently don’t have information about the unit’s insignia history. Please check back later.

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