Editorial policy

Militaryland.net is a nonprofit website dedicated to writing and sharing information about Ukrainian regular and volunteer units, the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and Ukrainian Army to English-speaking visitors interested in these topics.


We report stories as we see them, as accurately as possible. All information available on the website are reviewed and crosschecked by our editorial team. The process is time-consuming, but we pay extra attention to all shared data and do our best to avoid unconfirmed or incorrect information. We monitor known public spaces, writing down any interesting information and putting the pieces together by literally digging via search.


  • An information about a new military unit with number A0000 appeared.
  • We search the web and social media for any leads using hashtags, keywords etc.
  • If at least three sources, independently of each other, write that military unit A0000 is XX brigade, this info gets a green light and is published.
  • If not, collected data are put on our internal holding list, and crosschecked after some time again.
  • Using provided information, and the correct way of searching on the internet, can result not only in finding valid name, but also insignia, garrison and all other important data needed for our site.

Our sources

We use only publicly available information. We also maintain an internal list of trustful sources, which is regularly updated based on published data. Our team does not use any private information or conversation to enrich our site, although we pose with such data. If requested, we are able to provide a source to any information on our site on demand.

Trustworthy and reliable

Over these years, our work has been featured on various online news outlets, TVs and even paper magazines. We earned trust with our partners, and this motivates us to continue to provide trustworthy and reliable data.

Militaryland.Net was the first to inform about the formation of 3rd Assault Brigade, multiple mechanized brigades, 82nd Air Assault Brigade and comeback of 5th Tank Brigade.

Advertising and sponsorship

Our website utilize Google Ads to pay for our hosting and related expenses.


Due to the nature of our work and safety, our editorial staff is using nicknames only, but we communicate with trusted sources using real names.