A crucial point of this war is approaching. Ukrainian Army is preparing to launch an offensive to liberate its land, and we have prepared a list of potential units which might part of it.

Ukrainian command deliberately holds back a good chunk of its forces and stockpiles of ammunition. These units do not participate in active combat, but they are undergoing intense military training, either by foreign instructors in the west or by veteran soldiers in Ukraine. Such details were shared by U.S. official to the Washington Post in March 2023.

Only this information reduces the number of possible units by at least half and helps us to identify Ukrainian units which might take part in the upcoming offensive.

However, it’s important to note that the list below doesn’t represent a full or official list of Ukrainian units for the offensive. It’s just the best guess based on the information shared by the U.S. official to WP and the activity on official social channels of each brigade. The recent leak of U.S. documents were not taken into account.

Air Assault Forces

Air Assault troops are the first in the line and are usually tasked to lead a spearhead.

82nd AirAssault Brigade
The brigade trained months abroad, is equipped with Western weapons, and will surely participate in the offensive as a spearhead element.


46th Airmobile Brigade
The majority of its forces are in the rear and will possibly lead a second spearhead.


78th Regiment
The recently expanded Hearts unit is a unit full of skilled soldiers, and they’ll likely participate as well.


It’s possible that some separate battalions from other brigades might take part.

Troops: ~7 000

Ground Forces of Ukraine

Ground Forces usually follow Air Assault troops and provide support whenever necessary.

1st Tank Brigade
Majority of the 1st Tank Brigade sits in Zaporizhzhia Oblast and trains with other mechanized brigades. The unit also received an unspecified number of Leopard 2A6 tanks.


4th Tank Brigade
The tank brigade received Leopard 2A4 tanks and will act as the heavy brigade.


17th Tank Brigade
The brigade is scattered across the frontline, but some tank battalions seem to be in the rear and might participate in the offensive.


13th Jager Brigade
Soldiers train for airdrop operations and CQB combat. The brigade is still in the process of formation, but it should be ready for the offensive.


21st Mechanized Brigade
There is a little to know about the brigade. They’ll probably act as a reserve, if at all.


22nd Mechanized Brigade
Mechanized battalions train for combined assault. The brigade also has its own tank unit, which is rare among the newly formed brigades.


23rd Mechanized Brigade
There is a little to know about the brigade. They’ll probably act as a reserve, if at all.


31st Mechanized Brigade
There is a little to know about the brigade. They’ll probably act as a reserve, if at all.


32nd Mechanized Brigade
The unit received western equipment, including M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. The soldiers train for mechanized assaults and trench warfare.


33rd Mechanized Brigade
The brigade received M113s and has its own tank unit. Mechanized battalions train for the frontline assault. 


41st Mechanized Brigade
The brigade is relatively new, and its soldiers will likely be in the reserve.


47th Mechanized Brigade
One of the three main brigades that will lead the assault. There is no doubt that 47th Mechanized Brigade will participate in the upcoming offensive and act as heavy mechanize brigade.


48th Artillery Brigade
There is a little to know about the brigade. If they take part, they’ll probably act as a reserve.


49th Artillery Brigade
The artillery brigade received AS-90s and will almost certainly participate in the offensive.


60th Mechanized Brigade
One battalion is deployed to Bakhmut, but the rest seems to be in the rear, preparing for the offensive.


61st Mechanized Brigade
Soldiers are training for demining, mechanized assaults and combat support of other units.


62nd Mechanized Brigade
There is a little to know about the brigade. They’ll probably act as a reserve, if at all.


63rd Mechanized Brigade
The brigade is located in the rear. It’s possible the soldiers will take part of the upcoming offensive.


88th Mechanized Brigade
Soldiers are training for mechanized assaults and crossing of water obstacles. It’s likely that 88th Mechanized Brigade will participate in the offensive.


115th Mechanized Brigade
The brigade has been sitting in the rear for some time now. They received M113s in the meanwhile and continue to master skills.


116th Mechanized Brigade
The brigade is almost formed and will be ready for the upcoming offensive.


117th Mechanized Brigade
Soldiers of the brigade participated in the training abroad and received western weapons. The brigade will likely be ready for the offensive.


118th Mechanized Brigade
The brigade is formed and ready to participate in the upcoming offensive.


128th Mountain Brigade
Majority of the brigade seems to be in the rear, training trench warfare.


Troops: ~60 000

It’s possible that some separate battalions from other brigades might take part as well.

Territorial Defense Brigade

  • It’s highly possible that several Territorial Defense Brigades will participate too. We’ll count with three.

Troops: ~ 9 000

Ukrainian Air Force

Consolidated Rifle Brigade
Soldiers of the brigade train for CQB combat and support of other units. The unit might take part in the upcoming offensive.


Helicopters and jets of various Air Force Brigades will very likely support the ground troops and participate in the offensive.

Troops: ~3 000

Ukrainian Naval Forces

Naval Forces have a similar role to Ukrainian Ground Troops, but maybe they will be tasked with landing on the other side of Dnipro or Crimea. We’ll find out soon enough.

37th Marine Brigade
The brigade received western weapons and is training for mechanized assaults.


38th Marine Brigade
The brigade received western weapons and is training for mechanized assaults and trench warfare.


The Raid, Surface and Support Ships Divisions will likely participate as well, depends on the scale of the operation.

Troops: ~ 6 000

Special Operations Forces

SOF are the eyes and ears. They do operate behind enemy lines and prepare grounds for the offensive.

Special Operations Center South

Who else knows the south better than SSO South.


Troops: ~ 1 000

National Guard of Ukraine

Ukrainian National Guard has only a few pieces of heavy equipment and will likely follow Ukrainian Mechanized Brigades with main task to secure towns.

Azov Assault Brigade
At least two battalions of the brigade are ready.


Kara-Dag Brigade
The brigade from Zaporizhzhia is named after a mountain located in Crimea.


It’s possible that some separate battalions from other brigades might take part as well.

Troops: ~6 000

Special Police Forces

Lyut Brigade
Ukrainian Special Police Forces will very likely be tasked with the liberation of towns due to their CQB skills.


Troops: ~ 4 000

Border Guards of Ukraine

Stalevy Kordon Brigade
There is a little to know about the brigade. If they take part, they’ll probably act as a reserve.


It’s highly possible that Special Purpose detachments of Ukrainian Border Guards will take part as well.

Troops: ~3 000

Main Directorate of Intelligence

Kraken Special Detachment
Kraken will surely participate in the offensive.


10th Special Forces Detachment

Ukrainian elite detachment closely cooperates with SSO. They’ll be behind enemy lines or tasked with the liberation of towns.


Troops: ~ 1 500

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