The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced formation of new assault brigades to liberate Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea.

Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs has kickstarted a project named Offensive Guard to reform the existing, and also to form a completely new, assault brigades within the structure of National Guard, National Police and Border Guards. The brigades will consist exclusively of volunteers who are driven by patriotism.

symbol of Offensive Guard

In total, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is forming eight assault brigades and the volunteers can pick the brigade they want to serve in on the official site:

National Guard of Ukraine

  • Azov Brigade“Unbreakable, unconquered, unstoppable”
    • The well known Azov Regiment is being reformed into a separate brigade.
  • Bureviy Brigade“This storm is coming against the enemies, step in and attack”
    • The 1st Presidential Brigade from Kyiv. The soldiers participated in the defense of Kyiv, and they are currently deployed to Bakhmut.
  • Spartan Brigade“The enemy is breaking against us”
    • The 3rd Brigade of Operational Purpose from Kharkiv.
  • Rubizh Brigade“We’re returning the legal borders of Ukraine”
    • The famous 4th Rapid Reaction Brigade and the defenders of Hostomel.
  • Chervona Kalyna Brigade“The enemy smolders where the viburnum turns red”
    • The unit was created on the basis of 8th Operational Regiment from Vinnytsia Oblast.
  • Kara-Dag Brigade“Let’s raise the flag over Crimea”
    • The National Guardsmen who stopped Russian advance on Zaporizhzhia promises to raise Ukrainian flag on Crimea. The brigade was formed on the basis of 9th Operational Regiment from Zaporizhzhia.

National Police

  • Lyut Brigade“Turn your rage into a weapon”
    • A new Special Police Force brigade, created on the basis of Special Purpose Regiment Safari, Tsunami and Luhansk-1 Battalion. The majority of Special Patrol Police Force units will likely be included in the near future.

Border Guards of Ukraine

  • Stalevy Kordon Brigade“First on the border, first on the offensive”
    • Formed by the Border Guard’s elite. They were the first to meet Russian invasion forces in February 2022. The brigade was formed on the basis of 15th Mobile Border Detachment.

The new list of Offensive Guard is available on our site. The list includes all units mentioned above, including unit’s equipment, structure and other details.

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