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Ukraine to receive Javelins but …

Ukraine has been asking the US for lethal support since the begging of the conflict with Russia in 2014. However, US provided only non-lethal support until the last week. US approved the sale of 210 anti-tank Javelin missiles along with 37 launch units to Ukraine for $47 millions. The training of Ukrainian soldiers has already begun. The weapons will probably be delivered to Ukraine around April, according to several US officials. Which Ukrainian unit will receive the weapons is currently unknown but our bets are on 95th Airborne brigade. The unit received several T-80BVs last year and is considered as best fighting force in Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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Police action against protestors in Kyiv

Negative reactions caused an action of law forces as they demolished a protestors camp near Verkhovna rada. The camp was set up back in October and protesters demanded resignation or president of Ukraine, Mr. Poroshenko because of corruption. The protestors were also supported by ex-Georgian president Mr. Saakashvili. We are not going to investigate who is to blame or the background but instead, we will provide you information about sides involved in this conflict.


  • Special forces of National Police (Kyiv branch) – formed in 2015. Some of them were seen fully armed, including AK rifles.
  • First Presidential Brigade of National Guard – reformed Bars unit of Internal Troops. They participated against EuroMaidan protestors as well as served in the ATO zone. You can read more about them in the history of Kulchitskyi Battalion.
  • Unknown unit of National Guard – at least one more unit of National Guard participated against the protestors.


  • Liberty movement – formed from volunteers all of Ukraine including Donbas, Aidar battalion and some Right Sector members as well
  • Members of Donbas Battalion, including Mr. Semenchenko




ATO is over, military takes charge

President of Ukraine, Mr. Poroshenko, signed law that officially ends anti-terrorist operation, known widely in public as ATO. The law was signed on February 20, 2018 and renames the conflict as “taking measures to ensure national security and defense, and repulsing and deterring the armed aggression of the Russian Federation in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.” The most important change is the fact that Armed Forces of Ukraine are now in charge of all military and law enforcement units in Donbas. The ATO was run by SBU security service.

Summary of what has changed:

  • Russia is declared as an aggressor that occupies part of Ukraine
  • Martial law is no longer needed to deploy Armed Forces to Donbas
  • Approves checkpoints alongside contact line and allows movement of civilians and goods
  • Military Joint Operative Headquarters will be setup for occupied areas

Source: KyivPost

Battalion Kulchitskyi received new LAVs

On January 24, 2018, Battalion Kulchitskyi received four new light armored vehicles Varta. The equipment was handed to battalion by Colonel Roman Leonovich, commander of 27th Brigade of National Guard.

Varta is 4×4 light armored vehicle developed by Ukrainian company Ukrayinska Bronetekhnika. The vehicle was accepted into service in 2016 and handled to special force unit Kord. Units of National Guard received first vehicles in 2017, including Azov Regiment.

Our page of Battalion Kuchitskyi was updated to reflect this change.


Brace for impact, we are live!

Welcome to, an independent project based on more than two years of research. From the author of popular List of Ukrainian Volunteer units, the website is much more than just an info-graphic image. Each unit has its own page with unit’s history, warpath, uniforms and equipment.

The website is launching with following content:

I believe the launch content shows enough what our vision is. If you like what you see here, please spread the word, share it on social sites and feel free to contact us if you are interested in cooperation or you have any suggestion.

Our Vision

Dozens of websites around the internet are about military, yet none of them had the content I was looking for. I started searching on my own, collecting stuff and in the end, I’ve created this website.

The vision

Military units

Structure, equipment, warpath and history. We are not interested in general information, we care about the details.

More than just a list

Our website is not just a list of volunteer or regular units. Each unit has or will have soon its own page with details and not only that, equipment and battles will have their own page as well. We will bring you information about military drills, reformations and other military stuff related to our modules.

Beyond Ukraine

YPG, Peshmerga, Georgia … It will take some time to finish Ukraine module but I would like to expand the website, go beyond Ukraine. After all, Ukraine is not the only conflict I follow. If you like what you see here and want to write, collect and share information in same fashion, feel free to contact me.

For military fans

Our target audience are military fans with passion for details. What uniform unit wears, what insignia they have, what is the difference between T-64BV and T-64BM. That’s what you can find on our website or you soon will.

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