July 10, 2024

24th Brigade forms Kharakternyky Battalion

The army accepts first inmates who volunteered to defend Ukraine.

Photo: 24th Mechanized Brigade

The 24th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Ground Forces has established a separate battalion composed of former inmates who have volunteered to join the defense of Ukraine. The newly formed battalion, named Kharakternyky, will soon be deployed to the area of operations.

In addition to the 24th Mechanized Brigade, the following units are known to accept former inmates into their ranks:

  • 1st Assault Battalion Da Vinci
  • 3rd Assault Brigade – convicts are included into regular units
  • 5th Assault Brigade – a separate battalion
  • 28th Mechanized Brigade
  • 92nd Assault Brigade
  • 153rd Mechanized Brigade
  • 253rd Assault Battalion Arey

The number of inmates accepted varies across units. The 5th Assault Brigade plans to form a battalion of 600–800 soldiers, nearly twice the size of the convicts’ battalion in the 24th Mechanized Brigade. Other units plan to form only company-sized elements or integrate the inmates into regular units.

former inmates in Arey Battalion
former inmates, now soldiers of 24th Brigade, take the oath of allegience to the Ukrainain people

Many of these inmates are Ukrainian patriots with combat experience who, after returning from the war, struggled to reintegrate into civilian life and committed crimes. They now have a second chance thanks to a law that allows inmates to join the army. Approximately 20,000 inmates could potentially be eligible for service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the Ministry of Justice, over 5,000 inmates have already applied.

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Ground Forces of Ukraine

1st Separate Assault Battalion

Ground Forces of Ukraine

28th Mechanized Brigade

Ground Forces of Ukraine

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92 assault brigade also have separate battalion of the former inmates


Da Vinci is not a 1st Assault anymore. It’s a 108th Separate Mechanized Battalion now.


108th Separate Mechanized Battalion formed from the split away group of the 1st Assault Battalion 67 Brigade mainly consisting of Honor movement soldiers and the medical unit “Ulf”. 1st Assault Battalion leave 67 Brigade and become 1st Separate Assault Battalion.


225th Assault Battalion, 93rd mechanized brigade (separate battalion) and 92nd assault brigade (separate battalion) are also recruiting prisoners
https://t.me/DeepStateUA/19862 https://x.com/DefactoHumanity/status/1808944812692758588 https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=DCFxo744Thc


April Huggin isnt exactly a great source. I would wait for confirmation from someone else