July 5, 2024

100th Mechanized Brigade received Marders

It’s the first unit of Ground Forces to get German-made infantry fighting vehicles.

Photo: KonkurentTV & MilitaryLand

The newly formed 100th Mechanized Brigade, based on the 100th Territorial Defense Brigade, has received 1A3 Marder infantry fighting vehicles. It is the first unit within the Ground Forces to receive these vehicles. The German-donated vehicles were previously used by two units of the Air Assault Forces: the 25th Airborne Brigade and the 82nd Air Assault Brigade.

KonkurentTV visited a training of 100th Mechanized Brigade

Initially, it appeared that these specific vehicles would be allocated solely to Air Assault Forces, thereby easing the logistical challenges. However, this possibility has now fallen apart.

In addition to the 1A3 Marder infantry fighting vehicles, the brigade also received Ukrainian-made 2S22 Bohdana self-propelled howitzers, US-supplied HMMWVs, and at least one T-80BV tank.

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