Summary of the situation on the battlefield and the recap of the previous month.

Overall SITREP:

Ukrainian forces remained on defense in March. The most problematic situation was in the vicinity of Avdiivka and Bakhmut, where Russians had made gains. These advances came at considerable high losses of manpower and equipment of the invasion forces. Ukrainian defenders, where the situation and terrain allowed, withdrew to better positions to preserve the lives of soldiers. Ukrainian Army, unlike the Russian one, cannot afford to fight in unfavorable terrain and ignore the losses.

Despite the Russian advances, the situation isn’t as bad as some try to present it. The loss ratio is in favor of Ukrainian defenders, battles are fought for small settlements which most of the public audience never heard of, and the Ukrainian Army is able to expand and keep all major units combat capable.

Avdiivka axis

  • Russian troops reached Berdychi and captured about the half of the settlement.
  • Russian forces entered Orlivka at the beginning of March and managed to capture the settlement on March 25.
  • The enemy entered Tonenke settlement and raised its flag there. The capture of Tonenke was confirmed on March 9.
  • Russian troops made gains in Pervomaiske and advanced towards the center.
  • The invasion forces reached the southern edge of Nevelske.

Bakhmut axis

  • Russian troops reached the highway in Ivanivske and captured at least half of the settlement.
  • Russian VDV forces advanced towards Chasiv Yar from the north-eastern and south-eastern direction.

Lyman axis

  • Russian invasion forces used the terrain to its advantage and advanced towards Terny.

Novopavlivka axis

  • Russian troops made minor advances towards Heorhiivka.
  • The enemy made progress in Novomykhailivka settlement and reached the town’s center. They also managed to advance on southern and northern flanks. Ukrainian defenders continue to hold the western part of the settlement.

Orikhiv axis

  • Russian forces pushed Ukrainian forces out of the vicinity of Verbove and also made gains east of Robotyne.

Kherson axis

  • Ukrainian marines continue to hold a small portion of Krynky settlement.

Situation per region

Russian invasion forces currently occupy following regions of Ukraine:

Donetsk Oblast0%
Kharkiv Oblast0%
Kherson Oblast0%
Luhansk Oblast0%
Mykolaiv Oblast0%
Zaporizhzhia Oblast0%

Overall situation in Ukraine


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