Ukrainian Air Force

The Ukrainian Air Force is a branch of Armed Forces of Ukraine. The main task of the air force is the protection of Ukrainian airspace by air and air defense means, aerial reconnaissance, transport of troops and aviation support.



7th Tactical Aviation Brigade

15th Transport Aviation Brigade

25th Transport Aviation Regiment

39th Tactical Aviation Brigade

40th Tactical Aviation Brigade

114th Tactical Aviation Brigade

204th Tactical Aviation Brigade

299th Tactical Aviation Brigade

383rd Unmanned Aircrafts Regiment

456th Transport Aviation Brigade

831st Tactical Aviation Brigade

Anti-Aircraft Missile Units

11th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

96th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade

138th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade

156th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

160th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade

201st Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade

208th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade

210th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

223 Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

301st Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

302nd Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

540th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment


Radio-Technical Troops

1st Radio Technical Brigade

14th Radio Technical Brigade

19th Radio Intercept Regiment

138th Radio Technical Brigade

164th Radio Technical Brigade

31st Communication Regiment

43rd Communication Regiment

57th Communication Regiment

76th Communication Regiment

182nd Communication Regiment

101st Communication Regiment

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