July 9, 2024

Ukrainian Legion to be formed in Poland

A new volunteer unit will be created on the territory of Poland.

Photo: Armed Forces of Ukraine

During his visit to Poland on July 8, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy signed an agreement with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk to establish a new volunteer unit called the “Ukrainian Legion.” This unit will be created and trained in Poland and will be composed of Ukrainians living in the European Union.

The Ukrainian Legion should be equipped with assistance from Western partners. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy highlighted the positive experience of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade, which will serve as a model for the Ukrainian Legion, though it will be composed of volunteers.

The Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade is a multinational unit consisting of battalions from the Lithuanian, Polish, and Ukrainian Armed Forces, formed in 2014. Since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the brigade has been deployed to the Ukrainian-Polish border and regularly participates in joint combat exercises.

All volunteers who join the legion will have the opportunity to sign a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, entitling them to a salary and other military service benefits.

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So will those who join this “Ukrainian legion” fight in Ukraine or not?


hey do you know why all the references to your site are being removed in english wikipedia?


thx. man thats not right.


If it can help, you were listed as a reliable source by Colonel Michel Goya, a french historian and retired military commander who is a famous military expert in France (and he has a wikipedia page).


Also, militaryland.net is listed as a source by the french version of Wikipedia, e.g. the page of the 23rd mechanized brigade.


yup. this one guy scuba. also happens to be one of the admins or some sht.. copies all the work from you and deletes it from the references.


I continuously write articles for Wikipedia, particularly on new Ukrainian brigades we have seen created in the conflict’s last one to two years. Scuba constantly removes them due to MilitaryLand being considered a blog, quite frustrating but it’s the rules, unfortunately. He is quite contradictory considering how he stated that Telegram should not be used as a source also, yet uses it often.


Interesting move