The first of its kind in the structure of Ukrainian National Guard.

The Ukrainian Army command has made the decision to create a separate artillery brigade within the National Guard’s structure. As the first of its kind in the National Guard, this unit represents a logical progression aimed at enhancing the combat capabilities of the National Guard.

The brigade is designated with military unit number 3101, a familiar unit to us. Our site previously covered the establishment of various National Guard units in October 2023. Among them was the 16th Brigade from Dnipro, also bearing the military unit number 3101. The artillery brigade was likely formed on its basis, retaining the same numerical designation.

The commander of 16th Artillery Brigade was appointed Lt. Col. Oleh Holiney. A graduate of the Khmelnytskyi Military Institute of Artillery and Missile Forces in 2007 and the National University of Defense in 2022. Before assuming command, he led the artillery unit of the Rubizh Brigade and distinguished himself during the battles for Luhansk Oblast in 2022. He was awarded the title Hero of Ukraine for his performance.

The unit received 2S22 Bohdana artillery systems and BM-21 Grad rocket launchers. The brigade also released a video showcasing a range of artillery equipment, such as the M270 MLRS, PzH 2000, and M109. It’s worth noting that this video does not accurately represent the equipment of the 16th Artillery Brigade.

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