June 25, 2024

Police forms three infantry brigades

Ukrainian National Police announced formation of three new infantry brigades in the structure of Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Photo: National Police of Ukraine

The head of the National Police of Ukraine, Ivan Vyhivskyi, announced today the beginning of combat training of three newly created infantry brigades of the National Police of Ukraine.

The first Special Purpose Police Brigade was created on the basis of Department of Preventive Activities (DPD). The main tasks of this department include ensuring the National Police of Ukraine maintains public safety, protects human rights, combats crime, and conducts preventive work to avoid offenses. The DPD also addresses domestic violence, escorts detainees and prisoners, and ensures their security in courtrooms.

The second brigade was formed based on the Khyzhak (Predator) Patrol Police Consolidated Detachment. This consolidated unit was primarily tasked with UAV reconnaissance and raids, and now expands to a brigade.

The third brigade involves the consolidation and reformation of the KORD Rapid Response units, which were established in 2015 and are analogous to SWAT teams. Each city has its own KORD unit, and they are considered the elite of the Ukrainian National Police. All KORD units will be joined under a united command to form a special purpose brigade.

Servicemen from all three brigades are currently undergoing specialized training led by officers from the Lyut Assault Brigade, a police unit formed under the Offensive Guard program.

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Well, it’s left to hope that these units will be used somewhat accordingly to their former specialisations. So no trench warfare, if not absolutly necessary. They seem more useful in mopping-up operations inside urban environments, or fighting saboteurs. Godspeed to them.


Photos clearly shows that they are intensely trained to fight “domestic violence” with armored carriers, camouflaged uniforms, heavy flak vest, assaults guns, …


When recalcitrant Russians are involved in domestic violence, I would even use bombs and rockets.
Do you think they will only be equipped with a whistle and a knife while the Russians are causing trouble in Ukrainian cities?

Last edited 18 days ago by Kay

They appear to be equipped with the equipment a typical SWAT team would have, but they are police officers first and foremost. What we see are infantry mobility vehicles, not APCs or IFVs, let alone tanks. If used like regular infantry, they will suffer casualties like regular infantry. The KROD people in particular should be overqualified for this. They’re also too good to be used on checkpoints.