Units of Air Assault Troops unite under a single army corps, hopefully for the better.

7th Air Assault Corps, also known just as 7th Army Corps, is a new army corps of Ukrainian Army. As the name suggest, it unites units of Air Assault troops under one single field command. A new management battalion has been formed under the command of 7th Air Assault Corps to handle all necessities – 87th Management Battalion (military number A4885).

insignia of 7th Air Assault Corps

The decision to form a new corps based on Air Assault units comes as a surprise, because all units of Air Assault Troops were already grouped under the command of the unit Command of Air Assault Troops. Petro Poroshenko, the former president of Ukraine, recently visited 7th Air Assault Corps and handed over new equipment. One of the photos suggest that most Air Assault units, including the command, are part of the newly formed corps.

If the structure is indeed like the one presented on the picture above, the newly formed 7th Air Assault Corps consist of Command of Air Assault Troops, 25th Airborne Brigade, 46th Airmobile Brigade, 71st Jager Brigade, 77th Airmobile Brigade, 78th Assault Regiment, 79th Air Assault Brigade, 80th Air Assault Brigade, 81st Airmobile Brigade, 82nd Air Assault Brigade, 95th Air Assault Brigade and 148th Artillery Brigade.

7th Air Assault Corps, unlike 9th and 10th Army Corps, doesn’t have its own tank brigade and have to rely on tank companies of each brigade. The only missing Air Assault combat unit is 132nd Reconnaissance Battalion.

The big question that currently remains unanswered is how this changes the designation of Air Assault units. The formation of 7th Air Assault Corps hopefully indicates a change, and not the continuation of the unfortunate role of Air Assault Troops, who since February 2022, have been used as regular mechanized units.

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