Ukrainians are seriously expanding its forces to repel Russian invasion and liberate the occupied land.

Ukrainian Army continues to grow and have started forming additional brigades within the Ground Forces. On January 30, we reported about five new Ukrainian brigades being formed, today we can reveal five more new brigades.

23rd Mechanized Brigade – a new brigade of Ukrainian Ground Forces, currently at the stage of formation.

insignia of 1st Mechanized Battalion, 23rd Mechanized Brigade

31st Mechanized Brigade – another new mechanized brigade. According to the volunteers on social media, the first battalion is already deployed to the front, while the rest of the brigade is still being formed.

32nd Mechanized Brigade is a completely new mechanized brigade of Ukrainian Ground Forces, currently at the stage of formation.

soldiers of 32nd Mechanized Brigade at a firing range

48th Artillery Brigade is a new artillery brigade being formed in Poltava Oblast.

insignia of 48th Artillery Brigade

117th Mechanized Brigade – after the reveal of 116th and 118th Mechanized Brigade, it was only a matter of time when the 117th Mechanized Brigade appears.

soldiers of 117th Mechanized Brigade

118th Mechanized Brigade – the existence of the unit has been confirmed since our previous report, the brigade received a military number A4712.

Our list of Ukrainian Ground Forces has been updated to reflect the changes above.

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I think Ukraine should hold a srtright back in the south of Bakhmut ,since it seems that Wagner do not have many soldiers at this zone


I support Ukranian’s fight against Russian invasion ,love from China


So there are 10 new brigades. January’s Rammstein meeting gave enough equipement for maybe 2 or 3 mechanized brigades. Will new brigade be under-equipped or is there something that we don’t know yet (such as more Bradley being delivered) ?

I hope Western country will give enough equipment, and preferably soon.


You still have the uncommunicated shippment of material, like France and Bulgaria which send weapons and supplies without communicating it…. I think there are a massive supply of equipments but who should stay secrete as much as possible… There is no need to divulgate everything


No armored. uhm…


All mechanized brigades have MBTs. Either tank company or full battalion.

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