Ukrainian Ground forces continue to grow and form additional brigades to counter the Russian invasion.

Amid the threat of a new large-scale Russian offensive, the pace of mobilization in Ukraine is gaining momentum. The Ground Forces of Ukraine have started forming new mechanized, tank and artillery brigades to reinforce its combat capabilities. According to the rumors, new brigades are also being formed in the structure of Air Assault troops and Marine Corps. It’s planned to mobilize about 30 000 Ukrainian citizens in January alone, which is a sharp increase compared to previous months.

The new brigades will be equipped primary, but not exclusively, with the Western vehicles such Abrams, Leopard 2 tanks and CV-90 infantry fighting vehicles. Most of the recruits are, or will be, trained abroad.

21st Mechanized Brigade is a brand-new mechanized brigade, currently at the stage of formation.

soldiers of 21st Mechanized Brigade receiving backpacks from volunteers

33rd Mechanized Brigade was formed in April 2016 as part of Ukrainian Reserve Corps, but was subsequently demobilized and de-facto remained only on paper. The brigade has been reactivated and is making its comeback. The unit received new insignia with a wolf, a symbol that reportedly characterizes 33rd Mechanized Brigade.

the insignia of 33rd Mechanized Brigade

47th Artillery Brigade is a new artillery brigade of Ukrainian forces, formed during the last months and currently deployed near the Russian border in Kharkiv Oblast.

the insignia of 47th Artillery Brigade

116th Mechanized Brigade is a completely new brigade of Ukrainian Ground Forces. The brigade is currently at the stage of formation, but volunteers are already seeking donations for the unit and reveled not only the existence, but also the unit number, A4722.

soldiers of 116th Mechanized Brigade receiving supplies from the volunteers

118th Mechanized Brigade is another completely new mechanized brigade at the stage of formation at this moment. There is currently no additional information available and given the possibility that some less familiar people can confuse 118th Mechanized Brigade and 118th Territorial Defense Brigade, we advise to wait for further confirmation.

The new tank, air assault and marine brigades have not yet officially received a number. We’ll keep an eye on these units and in case anything pops up, we’ll update the page.

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