Territorial Defense Forces are the reserve component of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, responsible for the organization and execution of territorial defense objectives. Each region of Ukraine has one territorial defense brigade, with large cities having its own defense brigade (Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kyiv). The units are regularly deployed to the combat zone, outside its home region.

Regional Administration East


РУ ТрО Схід

Regional Administration North


РУ ТрО Північ

Regional Administration South


РУ ТрО Південь

Regional Administration West


РУ ТрО Захід

100th Volyn Defense Brigade

101st Transcarpathian Defense Brigade

102nd Ivano-Frankivsk Brigade

103rd Lviv Defense Brigade

104th Rivne Defense Brigade

105th Ternopil Defense Brigade

106th Khmelnytskyi Brigade

107th Chernivtsi Defense Brigade

125th Lviv City Defense Brigade

2nd Volyn Infantry Battalion

5th Zakarpattia Infantry Battalion

7th Ivano-Frankivsk Battalion

10th Lviv Infantry Battalion

14th Rivne Infantry Battalion

16th Ternopil Infantry Battalion

19th Khmelnytskyi Battalion

21st Chernivtsi Infantry Battalion

112th Kyiv Defense Brigade

114th Kyiv Oblast Defense Brigade

115th Zhytomyr Defense Brigade

116th Poltava Defense Brigade

117th Sumy Defense Brigade

118th Cherkasy Defense Brigade

119th Chernihiv Defense Brigade

241th Territorial Defense Brigade

4th Zhytomyr Infantry Battalion

8th Kyiv Region Infantry Battalion

13th Poltava Infantry Battalion

15th Sumy Infantry Battalion

20th Cherkasy Infantry Battalion

22nd Chernihiv Infantry Battalion

Kyiv Infantry Battalion

120th Vinnytsia Defense Brigade

121st Kirovohrad Defense Brigade

122nd Odesa Defense Brigade

123rd Mykolaiv Defense Brigade

124th Kherson Defense Brigade

126th Odesa City Defense Brigade

1st Vinnytsia Infantry Battalion

9th Kirovohrad Infantry Battalion

12th Odesa Infantry Battalion

11th Mykolaiv Infantry Battalion

18th Kherson Infantry Battalion

108th Dnipro Defense Brigade

109th Donetsk Defense Brigade

111th Luhansk Defense Brigade

113th Kharkiv Defense Brigade

127th Kharkiv City Defense Brigade

128th Dnipro City Defense Brigade

3rd Dnipro Infantry Battalion

6th Infantry Battalion

17th Kharkiv Infantry Battalion

105thDonetsk Infantry Battalion

Luhansk Infantry Battalion