Volunteer Corps

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Ukrainian Volunteer Corps (Добровольчий Український Корпус) is a volunteer military formation of the political movement Right Sector. The formation was established as Dnipro-2 battalion in April 2014 but the leadership of Right Sector refused to cooperate with Ministry of Internal Affairs after a member of Right Sector was killed by Internal Affairs officers. Ukrainian Volunteer Corps was established a month later. Several units followed Dmitry Yarosh and formed Ukrainian Volunteer Army in December 2015. The military formation had to been completely reformed and the new structure was created. Volunteer Corps is tolerated by law organizations but not legalized and cannot officially participate in ATO zone’s hostilities or even own firearms.

Combat units

i_1oshps_thumb i_volovykaps_thumb i_sapsanps_thumb i_sheikmansur_thumb
1st Assault Company 2nd Support Company 3rd Rifle Company Tactical Group Sapsan Sheykha Mansura

Reserve units

i_2zbatps_thumb i_3zbatps_thumb i_4zbatps_thumb i_no_thumb
1st Sotnya 2nd Sotnya 3rd Sotnya 4th Sotnya 6th Sotnya
i_no_thumb i_11zbatps_thumb i_no_thumb i_13zbatps_thumb
7th Sotnya 10th Sotnya 11th Sotnya 12th Sotnya 13th Sotnya
i_14zbatps_thumb i_15zbatps_thumb i_no_thumb i_17zbatps_thumb i_18zbatps_thumb
14th Sotnya 15th Sotnya 16th Sotnya 17th Sotnya 18th Sotnya
i_no_thumb i_no_thumb i_21zbatps_thumb i_22zbatps_thumb i_23zbatps_thumb
19th Sotnya 20th Sotnya 21st Sotnya 22nd Sotnya 23rd Sotnya
24th Sotnya Crimea Group
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