Ukrainian Naval Forces are maritime forces and one of the five branches of Armed Forces of Ukraine. The branch is designed to protect the sovereignty of Ukraine at sea. The forces were highly affected by the Russian annexation of Crimea, because the majority of Naval Forces were stationed there.

1st Raid Ships Division

28th Support Ships Division

30th Surface Ships Division

31st Supply Ships Division

8th Raid Ships Division

29th Surface Ships Division

9th Surface Ships Division

21st Communication Company

22nd Communication Company

801st Underwater Special Forces

29th Intelligence Center

30th Command and Intelligence Center

Signals Intelligence Center

133rd Center for Protection of Information

Information Security Control Center

Center for Combat Support

Center for Navigation, Hydrography and Hydrometeorology

37th Communications Regiment

56 Security and Maintenance Office

68th United Information and Telecommunication Hub

71st Postal Service Station

84th Weapon Storage Unit

114th Calculation and Analysis Station

222nd Separate Logistics Battalion

2210th Postal Service Station