The unit was created 1993 as 1st Surface Ships Brigade in Crimea. 2014 the brigade changed its location to Odesa and 2018 during the reform of the navy was reorganized as 30th division.

2022 the brigade lost two of its ships: P190 Slovyansk was hit by a russian missile and sank. The flagship Hetman Sahaidachny was partially sunk on purpose in order to hinder the russians to capture it.

Recent News

No word on this unit in public space.


Here you can find the last known structure of the unit, including their insignias if available.

P153 “Pryluky”

Unit number: А0937B

A505 “Simferopol”

Unit number: А0937W

P191 “Starobilsk”

Unit number: А0937D
Commander: Dmytro Shvets

P192 “Sumy”

Commander: Mykyta Hrechukh

P193 “Fastiv”

P194 “Vyacheslav Kubrak”


Here you can find all equipment of the unit. All images of vehicles and weapons listed below are taken from the official social media page of the unit.

2022 – today

Project 206MR without Rocket Launchers


Missile Boat

| Amount: 1

Project 502EM


Intelligence Ship

| Amount: 1

Island-class patrol boat


Patrol boat

| Amount: 4

Equipment Losses

# Vehicle Type Number Date of Loss Place
ID_16 Island-class patrol boat P190 "Slovyansk" P190 "Slovyansk" March 3, 2022 Black Sea Coast
ID_15 Project 1135 F130 "Hetman Sahaidachny" F130 "Hetman Sahaidachny" February 28, 2022 Mykolaiv port

The insignia of the unit 1993-2018