1st Separate Assault Battalion named after legendary “Da Vinci” is an assault unit of 67th Mechanized Brigade. The unit was formed in 2014 as 1st Assault Company of 5th Battalion of Ukrainian Volunteer Corps. On 26th August 2015 the unit left the structure of the 5th Battalion, and was reformed as 1st Battalion of Ukrainian Volunteer Corps. The unit was deployed to combat zone since 2014 and fought alongside regular army units in many battles. The unit relies on donations and private funding. In 2022 the unit was complected to the size of a battalion and received the unit “Honor” under their command. Their commander with the callsign “Da Vinci” was awarded the title “Hero of Ukraine” on 30th November 2021.

In 2022, Da Vinci Wolves was reformed under the command of 7th Center of SSO, and later joined 67th Mechanized Brigade as 1st Mechanized Battalion. On March 7, 2023, the commander Dmytro Kotsyubaylo “Da Vinci” was killed near Bakhmut.

In summer 2023, the battalion was reformed as 1st Separate Assault Battalion of 67th Mechanized Brigade.

In early 2024 the “Honor” and “Ulf” units left the battalion and brigade, but carried on to use the same name and insignia.

In April 2024 as a result of complete reformation of the 67th mechanized brigade, the battalion became completely separated from it.

Recent News

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July 10, 2024

The army accepts first inmates who volunteered to defend Ukraine.


Here you can find the last known structure of the unit, including their insignia if available.

Tank Company Da Vinci Wolves

Tank company of the 1st assault battalion.

Dyke Pole

Reconnaissance company “Dyke Pole” of the battalion.

Artillery Group

The artillery group of the battalion.

1st Assault Company

No details are known.


Here you can find all equipment of the unit. All images of vehicles and weapons listed below are taken from the official social media page of the unit.

2022 – today




| Amount: 3+




| Amount: 1+

FV103 Spartan



| Amount: 5+




| Amount: 2+




| Amount: 1

Equipment Losses

We currently don’t have information about the unit’s equipment casualties. Please check back later.
We currently don’t have information about the unit’s insignia history. Please check back later.

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