7th Center of SSO

Ukrainian Volunteer Corps is a volunteer military formation of the political movement Right Sector. The formation was established as Dnipro-2 battalion in April 2014 but the leadership of Right Sector refused to cooperate with the Ministry of Internal Affairs after a member of Right Sector was killed by Internal Affairs officers. Ukrainian Volunteer Corps was established a month later. Several units followed Dmitry Yarosh and formed Ukrainian Volunteer Army in December 2015. The military formation had to been completely reformed and the new structure was created. At the beginning of 2022 the decision was made by Right Sector to establish a separate military unit in the Special Operation Forces in order to have access to more weapons needed in the full-scale war. The unit fights in nearly all directions of the front.

In November 2022, 67th Mechanized Brigade DUK was formed on the basis of the unit.

Recent News


4th Battalion

The battalion was formed in March 2022 on the basis of the 13th Reserve Sotnya and other units fighting in Kyiv Oblast.

5th Battalion

The battalion was formed in April 2022 on the basis of the Sotnyas and units of Right Sector already fighting in the South of Ukraine.

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