A new Assault Brigade was formed in the Army

Ukrainian Command continues to cooperate with volunteer formations and nationalist organizations to create elite units.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces has formed a new brigade in cooperation with the representatives of Azov. The 3rd Assault Brigade Azov, created on the basis of the SSO Azov, is a new fully fledged brigade of Ukrainian Ground Forces. The brigade consists of three assault battalions, a tank battalion (T-90s, T-72s), an artillery group and the rear elements.

The insignia of 3rd Assault Brigade Azov

The well-known 3rd Company Azov of 98th Territorial Defense Battalion, has been reformed under the command of 3rd Assault Brigade Azov. The rest of 98th Territorial Defense Battalion seems to remain in the structure Territorial Defense Forces.

The Regiment SSO Azov likely became part of the brigade, as the official Azov social media accounts continue to refer to the 3rd Assault Brigade as Azov SSO, but recently changed the watermark on photos and videos. The SSO Azov text has been replaced by a three stripe assault rune.

Andriy Biletsky joins the flags of Azov Regiment (National Guard) and 3rd Assault Brigade Azov

A page of the 3rd Assault Brigade Azov has been added to our site. The page includes a structure, uniforms and equipment of the brigade.


The 3rd Assault Brigade Azov is currently deployed to the area of Bakhmut, and it recently led an assault towards Kurdyumivka, as seen on a video by Azov’s Terra reconnaissance unit released on December 29.

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So functionally it should be the same as the 47th Assault Brigade?

Hi, first of all congratulations for the work you are doing, I would like to ask for a clarification, what does the Ukrainian army mean by "assault brigade"? what distinguishes it from a motorized brigade or a mechanized one? Thanks

Hi Jerome. I am confused. When you say: “Ukrainian Command continues to cooperate with…political parties to create elite units” — what does this mean? As an American, it seems very very strange to form military units from political parties…like the Soviets, Nazi Germany, and CCP China did/does. Could you expand on this a bit more?


Very interesting. Thanks


The Azov Special Forces Unit of the National Guard also forms the 3rd Operational Battalion. In fact, they also expand to the Brigade. They will probably be called the 2nd Rapid Response Brigade Azov of the National Guard.