The command has decided to form two additional mechanized brigades and one elite unit.

On the eve of Ukrainian long awaited counter-offensive to liberate its land, we learned that Ukrainian Army is forming two new mechanized units, 42nd Mechanized Brigade and 43rd Mechanized Brigade. Furthermore, Air Assault Forces, the elite of Ukrainian Army, are also being expanded by a new regiment.

42nd Mechanized Brigade is a new mechanized brigade of Ukrainian Ground Forces, currently at the stage of formation. The brigade was likely formed on the basis of a separate rifle battalion.

soldiers of 42nd Mechanized Brigade

43rd Mechanized Brigade is another fresh Ukrainian mechanized brigade. The unit is currently being formed, possibly on the basis of a separate rifle battalion.

soldiers of 43rd Mechanized Brigade

78th Regiment Herts is an elite unit, originally formed on February 24, 2022, as a separate special purpose company of Ukrainian National Guard, and later reassigned to Main Intelligence Directorate and expanded to a consolidated detachment. In April, it was decided to expand the unit into a regiment under the command of Ukrainian Air Assault Forces.


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