Only one brigade from the 150’s series remains out of public space now.

152nd Mechanized Brigade joins 151st, 153rd, 154th Mechanized Brigades and makes a public appearance. The brigade received its official insignia, motto – There shouldn’t be fear in us, and military unit number – A4948. According to posts on social media, the brigade is made up mainly from mobilized soldiers. Whether the brigade was formed on the basis of some other already existing unit, like other brigades, is currently unknown.

insignia of 152nd Mechanized Brigade

As per post on the official Facebook page of 152nd Mechanized Brigade, the infantry training is in full swing at least since November 2023.

Only the 150th Mechanized Brigade now remains to be officially revealed, but we have more than enough evidence about its existence. We’ll have to just wait until the official announcement.

Unit’s page has been updated to reflect the changes.

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