The brigade received its insignia, motto and first pieces of equipment.

Ukrainian Command officially confirmed existence of 151st Mechanized Brigade of Ukrainian Ground Forces. The brigade received military number A4941 and is assigned under the Operational Command East.

Official insignia of the brigade.

The motto of 151st Mechanized Brigade is “Our honor is the most sacred” and at least one battalion of the brigade has BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles in its inventory.

The brigade is staffed with soldiers conscripted in 2023, with some officers and sergeants re-assigned from other mechanized brigades. Commander of 151st Mechanized Brigade is V. Samoilenko.

A letter by the commander of 151st Mechanized Brigade V. Samoilenko

On October 17, we reported about a formation of at least five new mechanized brigades of Ukrainian Ground Forces, with numbering 150, 151, 152, 153 and 154. While the remaining four are not yet officially announced, we already received additional information that confirm the existence of these brigades. We are now waiting for official reveal by Ukrainian authorities.

The unit’s page of 151st Mechanized Brigade was updated with all details and gallery.

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Bill Johnson

God Bless Ukraine, God Bless You for fighting for your home, your land and your Country.
Mississippi (USA) stands behind you 100% and always and always will. We Pray for you everyday.


Outstanding paragraph. Your not alone Ukraine nor are you Bill. I’m from Indiana.

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