Ukrainian command officially revealed another mechanized brigade from this year’s conscription wave.

Operational Command South of Ukrainian Ground Forces officially announced the new 154th Mechanized Brigade, confirming our previous reports. The brigade received a military number A4962, with its base somewhere in the southern Ukraine.

Commander of 154th Mechanized Brigade has been appointed Col. Oleksandr Shcherbina, a war veteran mobilized in 2014. He served as a deputy commander of 39th Territorial Defense Battalion Dnipro-2, later was appointed as the commander of 17th Motorized Battalion of 57th Motorized Brigade and subsequently became the deputy commander of the brigade. He resigned from military service some time after that, but returned after the Russian full-scale invasion in February 2022.

Col. Oleksandr Shcherbina, commander of 154th Mechanized Brigade

The brigade is mainly staffed with soldiers conscripted in 2023, with some officers and sergeants re-assigned from other mechanized brigades.

On October 17, our site reported about a formation of at least five new mechanized brigades of Ukrainian Ground Forces, with numbering 150, 151, 152, 153 and 154. This is the second officially confirmed brigade, and we’ve already received additional information that confirm the existence of the rest. We are waiting for the official announcement of the remaining three.

The unit’s page of 154th Mechanized Brigade was updated with all details.

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