May 19, 2024

The army forms additional infantry brigades

Ukraine’s new mobilization law comes into force.

Photo: 141st Infantry Brigade

A mobilization law in Ukraine came into force on Saturday, allowing the Army to boost troop numbers and form new brigades. The legislation introduces several changes, the most notable is lowering the minimum age for conscription from 27 to 25. Furthermore, men previously deemed unfit for military service are required to retake the medical examination and Ukrainian men abroad will not receive consular services without military registration. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy also signed a law allowing prisoners to join the army.

In response to the new wave of conscripted soldiers, the Ukrainian Army command has decided to create four additional infantry brigades – 156th, 157th, 158th and 159th Infantry Brigades. The existence of 157th Infantry Brigade has been revealed by a public organization HO – Komanda ne slovom, a dilom (transl.: A team not in words, but in deed). The 159th Infantry Brigade is being formed in Mykolaiv Oblast, according to a statement by the Pervomaisk City Council in Mykolaiv Oblast.

As per posts on social media, 156th Infantry Brigade received military unit number A5003, and 157th Infantry Brigade military unit number A5006.

No reports currently exist regarding the 158th Infantry Brigade, though its existence is assured.

On May 11, 2024, we were the first to report about the formation of the 155th Infantry Brigade in Rivne Oblast.

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I think these infantry brigades in the future, when Ukraine gets enough of armored vehicles, will be reformatted into mechanized brigades like the 100th TRO brigade


A new brigade takes a lot of time to learn on the battlefield. Instead, why not add one or two more battalions to each brigade. Each brigade instead of 3 or 4 battalions will become 5 or 6 battalions.


If a new brigade encounters the first fierce battle, if they fail, they will become dead chickens forever. From experience as a veteran, I advise the Ukrainian army not to increase the number of units but to increase the number of personnel. Each brigade needs 2 or 3 battalions at the front, 2 or 3 battalions stay behind for rest and training.


Because this will make chain of command bloated. There’s a reason why US military does not have more than 3 line battalions per brigade – to keep the cognitive load on Brigade commander as low as possible. 6 battalions per Brigade means CO has to keep in touch with his superior, with his chief of staff, and 6 subordinates – be mindful of the status of each battalion and its capabilities, etc.


Is the formation of Infantry brigades an indication that the Ukrainians are running low on armored vehicles.

Pat O'Flaherty

No, they’re running short of bodies.


Yes I know they are running short on bodies but I would assume that these brigades would be mechanized or at least motorized if they had the equipment to make them such.


Yes. Ukrainians have to form infantery brigades since western countries don’t provide enough equipment. 🙁


Infantry suffers the most casualties in Modern War. Infantry is your front line fighting man. People in the rear with the gear don’t suffered losses like a unit on the battle line.


It would be more effective to fill the new brigades not only with new recruits, but also half with experienced forces from existing units. And also replenish the existing units with freshly mobilized ones. At least they learn from veterans and are not too helpless due to inexperience when they go to the front.
Units made up of inexperienced soldiers tend to abandon their positions too quickly.


indirect fire on 115th oof


That’s what the Ukrainians are already doing, mostly. They often form new brigades from an existing a veteran batalion or regiment. For example, the 47th mech brigades was formed from the 47th assaut regiment.


Famous and battle-hardened brigades such as the 47th Brigade, the 3rd Ranger Brigade and many other battle-hardened brigades need a few more battalions for each brigade. like the 3rd and 47th brigades. They are people, not steel. They must have time to rest and retrain. Each brigade has 5 or 6 battalions and always has 2 command posts. 1/2 is in the front, the other 1/2 is in the back. This is to