The command of the Ground Forces of Ukraine has decided to create a new infantry brigade.

155th Infantry Brigade is a new brigade of Ukrainian Ground Forces, currently at the stage of creation. The unit is being formed in Rivne Oblast, as reported by the local ITV Rivne. Unfortunately, as the brigade is in its early stages of formation, no further details are available.

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What confuses me is why the AFU are still continuously forming new infantry brigades instead of reorganizing existing brigades which have suffered serious losses?


They continuously need to do both: complete existing brigades to replace losses and create new brigades to increase their numbers. And Russians do the same.


Gen. Pavliuk talked about “10 new infantry brigades“. I guess it refers to the infantry brigades 141st to 144th and to the infantry/mechanized brigades 150th to 155th. This would confirm that all those brigades will not be mecanized.

Марк Вендланд

I doubt Ukraine 🇺🇦 has enough people to fill those 10 infantry brigades.


They have enough people for 100 more brigades (and so does Russia). The problem is equipment, training, available officiers, munitions, etc.


you obviously do not know the real situation….


Ukrainian army is about 700-800k, for a population of 45 millions. France, in 1914, was only 40 millions, and quickly mobilized 3.6 millions soldiers. Ukraine obviously has enough manpower to double the size of its army.


I don’t know why Ukrainian mobilize from 25 and up ? Normally , a nation in war they mobilize from 18 year old .


I’ve heard it is because Ukraine fears a drop in birthrate if they mobilize the youngest men.


satanic youth harvesting cults


I think it’s to try to save the younger generation for the future. They started conscription for over 44 year olds, now they’re down to 25, it shows you how many men are being lost.


It was always 27 and up, not 44 and up. Now it’s 25, however there are many 27 yo and older who haven’t been mobilised even though they aren’t avoiding it either. The system is imprefect.


They do that so thay the younger generation will survive to flourish within a new Ukraine


But remember then in 1914 the population have people under 30 as majority. Ukraine, as well as Russia are top heavy, meaning they have fewer young people and more old people due to low birth rate


True, the population is older. But, the 3.6 million figure for France 1914 was only the fist round of mobilisation: men from 18 to 38 year old. Ukraine mobilizes men up to 60 years old. Enough to field at least 2-3 million men & women if they had enough equipment and ammunition.


First of all, the population of Ukraine is not 45 million people.


Noone knows the current population, but yeah, it’s less than that. But it’s also men heavy now, as most of the ones who have left are women and children. Furthermore, most refugees from the occupied territories are displaced internally and remain in Ukraine.

Bob Seng

Russia doesn’t have enough common sense to fight a war let alone wipe its own ass

Straw walker

The problem is Ukraine doesn’t have the finial ability to pay for training and wages


141-144 Infantry Brigades were created more than a year ago (14 months ago), so they aren’t new

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