Ukrainian command showed its insignia and additional units which are part of the corps.

9th Army Corps has been finally officially revealed to the public, and is no longer kept in secret. The corps received its insignia, which our visitors already known as we revealed it back in August 2023 (just in poor quality).

Insignia of 9th Army Corps

Additionally, the official representatives revealed that the following units are also part of the 9th Army Corps:

33rd Mechanized Brigade

One of the brigades equipped primarily with western vehicles. It currently participates in the southern offensive.

47th Artillery Brigade

The first known artillery brigade of the corps. The brigade was formed in October 2022.

67th Mechanized Brigade

The brigade formed on the basis of Ukrainian Volunteer Corps and is also part of the corps.

This brings the number of units to 11 – three mechanized brigades, one assault, tank, artillery and special purpose, plus four rear units. You can read more about the composition of 9th Army Corps in our article published on October 2, 2023, or on the dedicated unit’s page.

Just to remind you, 9th Army Corps is a combined arms corps of Ukrainian Ground Forces. The unit received military number A4655 and was first mentioned in the order of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine dated November 21, 2022.

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