Here’s what we know about the Ukrainian 9th Army Corps, the new formation formed in 2022.

9th Army Corps is a combined arms corps of Ukrainian Ground Forces. The unit received military number A4655 and was first mentioned in the order of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine dated November 21, 2022. The unit was formed in the city of Lutsk in Volyn Oblast, given the money allocation of the local city council and visual representation of Liubart’s Castle in the unit’s emblem.

meeting 9th corps
Insignia of 9th Army Corps visible in the background during Zelensky’s trip to Volyn Oblast – April 19, 2023

Based on our research, the arms corps is known to group four combat brigades, three rear battalions and one recon company. Interestingly, units of 9th Army Corps have never fought together and are currently deployed at different parts of the front.

1st Special Purpose Brigade

516th Battalion revealed back in June 2023 that the brigade is part of 9th Army Corps (source), and officially confirmed on the Defenders Day. (source)

3rd Assault Brigade

A banner in the memory of fallen soldier of 3rd Assault Brigade reveals the unit is part of 9th Army Corps. (source)

4th Tank Brigade

According to posts on social media, the tank brigade is part of 9th Army Corps.

47th Mechanized Brigade

The command of the brigade officially acknowledged the submission to 9th Army Corps on September 20, when soldiers of the brigade received awards on behalf of the commander of 9th Army Corps. (source)

81st Management Battalion

Management battalion of the corps.

150th Reconnaissance Company

Insignia of the company reveals it is under the direct command of the corps.

182nd Training Battalion

Training battalion of the corps.

228th Logistic Battalion

The unit was formed just recently according to NATO standards and provides logistic support to the units of 9th Army Corps. (source)

Visit 9th Army Corps page on our site to learn more about the unit.

As you might notice, we currently lack a proper digitalized version of the 9th Army Corps. In case you have a better version, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to put in on our site.

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I am more and more confused about the structure of the Ukrainian military. This 9th Army corps makes no sense. Their 4 brigades each fight on a different part of the frontline, they don’t cooperate with each other but must cooperate with brigades belonging to other “army corps” or whatever the structure is.


I expect that such a structure is in the mode ‘new army in the making’. In reality there is no engagement on the brigade level – most combat units (on both sides) are ad hoc compositions working at batallion (highest) platoon/squad (mostly) level of organisation. SO – I would rather read that as scheme for further development than an actual reality of command in the field.


Yeah, think of Ukrainian brigades like US divisions. It’s an admin/logistics level. In the field, they all maintain a reinforced battalion or two at the front and rotate these battle groups every few weeks.

Corps are even more abstract than that. First thing that dies when a unit goes to the field is the standard garrison org chart. US brigades in Iraq rarely fought as a unit.

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