The special purpose brigade is no longer part of the Ground Forces.

The command of Armed Forces of Ukraine has decided to transform 1st Special Purpose Brigade Ivan Bohun to a territorial defense brigade of the same name. The reason for such move haven’t been publicly announced, but it might be connected with the decision to disband one of its battalions a few weeks ago. As wrote on February 6, 2024, the command disbanded 518th Special Purpose Battalion Dyka Pole and arrested the commander.

The decision is rather noteworthy, especially considering that the 1st Special Purpose Brigade previously housed its own tank and artillery unit, and while the trend is to bolster the expansion of the Ground Forces. It is anticipated that the brigade’s heavy equipment will be reassigned to other combat units.

1st Special Purpose Brigade of Territorial Defense Forces

The unit has been transferred to the authority of the Territorial Defense Command, together with the subordinated battalions. The brigade also left the 9th Army Corps.

1st Special Purpose Brigade Ivan Bohun was formed in February 2022, shortly after the Russian full-scale invasion. Soldiers of the brigade participated in battles for Kyiv, Chernihiv and Kherson oblasts, and also fought near Bakhmut.

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