The battalion commander is in custody and suspected of unauthorized distribution of information.

The 518th Separate Special Purpose Battalion, also known as Dyke Pole Battalion, of Ukrainian 1st Special Purpose Brigade Ivan Bohun, was disbanded. Majority of the personnel have been transferred to a newly formed 150th Reconnaissance Battalion of 9th Army Corps, where they continue to defend Ukrainian land. The 518th Separate Special Purpose Battalion was formed on June 1, 2022, by patriots and volunteers. The unit participated in numerous battles, including the Kharkiv and Kherson offensive.

Major Andriy Malakhov, the now former commander of 518th Battalion, is suspected of unauthorized distribution of information. He reportedly reposted a combat video revealing unwanted stuff, but according to several sources, the act is more politically motivated. He openly criticized Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, at least two times, unsuccessfully proposed to award the “Hero of Ukraine” title for Maj. Malakhov. All request were denied at the top.

The former commander was taken into custody, without an option for bail, and is currently held at Kharkiv Detention Center.

Maj. Andriy Malakhov during a court hearing
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I personally consider it a serious mistake and a huge gift to the Russians


The Ukraine high command was just looking for a woke excuse to retire the battalion moniker “Dyke Pole” because that name might upset the American and European allies. Seriously cabrones, you can’t make this sh*t up.


get over it, not everything is tied to your fake outrage!


They wrote it wrong, the pronunciation is “dick-eh poll-eh” (wild field) with the “eh” sounds at the end
Not sure why the author chose to do it that way other than click bait…


Was it really necessary to disband the entire battalion? It’s seems overkill. Could a new commander have been sufficed?


Im a retired us marine company commander. The answer above is right! You don’t disband an entire battalion because of one soldier? I think there is more to the story?


perhaps there was a lack of cohesiveness in the battalion due to the leadership or lack there of. Not for me to say, but could be.

Harold Megill

Volunteers & untrained patriots which traditionally held as reserves have been more recently used as front line “throwaways” as the Russians have done. Not knowing the circumstances or casualties of this battalion may have demoralized the unit leading to its integration in more disciplined units. Just a thought.

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