Soldiers of the battalion loyal to 67th Mechanized Brigade rebranded its unit.

On January 28, our site reported that part of 1st Assault Battalion “Da Vinci Woves” left the structure of 67th Mechanized Brigade, and joined another brigade. As the result, the unit has recently undergone a structural transformation.

The battalion removed “Da Vinci Wolves” from its name, changed the insignia and established new social media pages. The command called it as a cleanup phase, and the unit continues to carry combat tasks at the front.

the new insignia of 1st Assault Battalion

The command of the battalion, 67th Mechanized Brigade and the leadership of Right Sector declared that the unit continues to fight on the same principles as it was found back in 2014, and performs combat duties in honor of its fallen commander Dmytro Kotsiubailo.

The breakaway group, led by the girlfriend of Dmytro Kotsiubailo, have not yet released a statement regarding the ongoing situation and continues to use Da Vinci Wolves name, including the original insignia.

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