At least five new brigades are being formed for the possible counteroffensive in 2024.

Ukrainian Ground Forces continue to expand and form additional units to take part in a future counteroffensive, and also possibly to reinforce Ukrainian defense in the east to allow rotation of exhausted units deployed there.

Multiple sources confirmed the existence of at least five new mechanized brigades, with hints of at least five more being considered. Not much is known about the new five brigades, as they are at the early stage of formation. It remains rather a mystery where Ukraine will find enough mechanized equipment to arm these units. There is already a shortage of infantry fighting vehicles in 2022’s brigades, where some mechanized battalions have to rely on HMMWVs.

150th Mechanized Brigade

The brigade received military number A4935 and is in the process of formation.

151st Mechanized Brigade

According to volunteers on social media, the brigade is being formed in a fast pace, and might soon be deployed to the front. Possibly military number A4941.

152nd Mechanized Brigade

Nothing is known about the brigade at this moment, but it’s very likely it exists.

153rd Mechanized Brigade

The brigade is at the stage of formation, several sources confirm.

154th Mechanized Brigade

Multiple sources confirm the brigade is in the process of formation.

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Rheinmetall (Germany) will soon deliver 40 more Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. These will certainly also be intended for the new units.

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The successor system to the Gepard Flakpanzer called Skynex will also be delivered soon.

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