The official page of Operational Command West revealed the last unannounced brigade of the 2023 conscription wave – 150th Mechanized Brigade.

The new mechanized brigade is being formed in Volyn Oblast as part of Operational Command North, and received military number A4935. The announcement also revealed the unit’s insignia, which visualize the flag of Volyn Oblast and three spears on a green background. It resembles the insignia of 14th Mechanized Brigade, which is also from Volyn Oblast.

Insignia of 150th Mechanized Brigade

We wrote about the formation of five new mechanized brigades back in October 2023. As of today, all five brigades have been officially confirmed.

Developers of STALKER 2 donated equipment to a reconnaissance platoon of the brigade

The unit’s page of 150th Mechanized Brigade has been updated to reflect the changes above. Special thanks to our contributor davomme, who made the high resolution version of the insignia.

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