10th Mountain Brigade

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Active Submission Role Size Garrison Alligience
2015 – today OC West Mountain Infantry Brigade Kolomyya Ukraine

10th Mountain Assault Brigade (10-та окрема гірсько-штурмова бригада) is a mountain brigade of Ukrainian Armed Forces. On October 1, 2015, the military announced a decision to form a new brigade specialized for mountain warfare. The first batch of roughly 1000 servicemen were volunteers. In March 2016, volunteer battalion Aydar and Donbas-Ukraine were transferred to 10th Mountain Brigade. This move showed to be problematic because the base of 10th Mountain Brigade was in Western Ukraine while most of the soldiers of Aydar and Donbas-Ukraine were from the east. In January 2017, both battalions were withdrawn from the brigade and 108th, 109th Mountain battalions were formed instead.

8th Mountain Battalion

Formed in May 2014 as 8th Territorial Defense Battalion “Podillya”. In 2016, the battalion was transferred to 10th Mountain Brigade.

108th Mountain Battalion

The unit was formed as a reaction on withdrew of Aydar and Donbas-Ukraine battalions from the brigade.

109th Mountain Battalion

The unit was formed as a reaction on withdrew of Aydar and Donbas-Ukraine battalions from the brigade.

Tank Battalion

Each platoon has four T-72 tanks. There are three platoons in total.

Artillery Group

Brigade artillery group equipped with 2S1 self-propelled artillery vehicles.

Reconnaissance Company

Brigade scouts. The unit is equipped with BRDM-2s.

Anti-Aircraft Company

The company provides protection against danger from the air. It’s equipped with Shilka vehicles.

Support units

This includes all rear elements such as engineers, communication, medics, and material support unit.


The camouflage was officially adopted as standard camouflage of Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2014. The semi-arad, with the addition of digital pattern, works well in Ukrainian nature.


Locally made Multicam uniform is a cheap and popular variant for soldiers in Ukraine. The camouflage is designed for usage in various environments.


Type: MBT | Quantity: 13


Type: IFV | Quantity: 15+


Type: IFV | Quantity: 25+


Type: APC | Quantity: 5+


Type: LAV | Quantity: 3+


Type: Command | Quantity: 1+

2S1 Gvozdika

Type: Artillery | Quantity: 4+

ZSU-23-4 Shilka

Type: AA | Quantity: 3+

BM-21 Grad

Type: Artillery | Quantity: 2+



4 August 2014 – today

The town was liberated by Ukrainian forces in August 2014. Separatists launched an offensive in 2015 and captured more than a half of the town before Ukrainian reinforcements pushed them back to original positions.

Bakhmutka Highway

7th October 2014 – today

Ukraine forces set up multiple checkpoints on the highway connecting Luhansk with Lisichansk. The checkpoints have been under constant attack since.


21 July 2014 – today

In July 2014, Ukrainian forces liberated Avdiivka. Separatist forces launched many unsuccessful attacks towards the city. Latest fighting is concentrated around nearby industry zone.

Krymske area

2015 – today

Ukrainian forces regained the high grounds around Krymske and advanced towards Bakhmutka Highway, where they were stopped by Pro-Russian forces. Sporadical clashes are ongoing.



There are no records of equipment loses for this unit.

10th Mountain Brigade available

A page of 10th Mountain Brigade of Armed Forces of Ukraine was added to our site. The page contains the unit’s uniforms, warpath, casualties, and more.

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Operation Report 2019 – Week #12

Operation reports are summary of what happened in Joint forces operation zone (previously known as Anti-Terrorist Operation zone or ATO) during the last week. 

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