Fighters of Sonechko Battalion form a new unit as part of Ukrainian Main Intelligence Directorate.

The former commander of the Sonechko Battalion, along with a group of fellow soldiers, has established a new unit within the Ukrainian Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR MO). This unit operates under the umbrella of the Tymur Special Unit, much like the Sonechko Battalion.

The newly established unit, Vidar, is actively seeking volunteers interested in joining its ranks. Job listings indicate that the unit comprises a tank unit, a UAV group, and a mechanized company equipped with M113 armored personnel carriers and BMP infantry fighting vehicles.

Vidar’s inventory reflects the current trend of equipping motivated units with heavy equipment such as the Kraken. It’s noteworthy that the ongoing expansion and allocation of armored units are positioning the Main Intelligence Directorate as a substantial force, comparable to regular mechanized brigades.

The Sonechko Battalion persists under the leadership of its newly appointed commander, known by the callsign Hrot.

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Equipping Special Forces with Tanks and IFVs turns them into Shock-Assault Units. They won’t be able to do “behind enemy lines, fast in and out”-Type of Special Operations. They’ll do assaults at the front line, which will lead to higher casualties. I wish them godspeed.
Why are such units under the Intelligence Directorate and not under the regular command? Any thoughts on that?


I also don’t understand why they have tanks and are increasingly becoming mechanized units. That contradicts the actual task of commando warfare… Especially since you can’t operate covertly and behind enemy lines.

These special forces are far too important and should not be wasted at the front. The UA military intelligence service is clearly overstepping its authority in this case…


I would not say that the Intelligence Directorate is “overstepping” it’s authority. As far as i understand, and this is fully speculative, the Air Assault Forces are supposed to be the elite assault units, but they have been deployed along the front line acting more like regular ground units. Equipping motivated “Special Forces” units with heavy weapons, could be a way to create a pool of…

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… a pool of elite assault units that can act as a reserve for assaults/counterattacks or act as a fast moving “fire brigade”, plugging holes in the lines. Fulfilling the role that used to be that of the Air Assault Forces. Again, this is fully speculative on my part.

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