At least one battalion of 21st Mechanized Brigade got Polish armored personnel carriers.

In July 2023, a video appeared online showing KTO Rosomak armored personnel carriers driving alongside Stridsvagn 122 tank and CV-90 infantry fighting vehicles. It was highly suspected that this is Ukrainian 21st Mechanized Brigade, but there was no visual evidence to support this claim, until today.

We can now confirm that 21st Mechanized Brigade is indeed another operator of Polish supplied Rosomak armored personnel carriers. The fact was revealed by Ukrainian volunteers on social media, who visited positions of the brigade.

21st Mechanized Brigade is a mechanized unit of Ukrainian Ground Forces, formed after the Russian full-scale invasion in February 2022. It’s the third known brigade to have KTO Rosomak vehicles in the service, the others being 57th Motorized Brigade and 44th Mechanized Brigade.

Unit’s page has been updated to reflect the changes.

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