March 30, 2024

Territorial unit from Volyn becomes a mechanized brigade

The long rumored changes at territorial defense headquarters have begun.


Ukrainian command has formed a new 100th Mechanized Brigade on the basis of 100th Territorial Defense Brigade. The decision comes after weeks-long rumors about the needs to reform Territorial Defense Forces. The Volyn’s mechanized brigade is now part of Ground Forces of Ukraine and is no longer part of Territorial Defense.

Territorial Defense Forces have been involved in active combat since the first day of the Russian full-scale invasion. They have been commonly deployed alongside regular combat units, despite lacking heavy equipment. The usage of territorial defense brigades was questioned a number of times, as they no longer fulfilled their original designation.

100th Territorial Defense Brigade is the first territorial brigade to become a mechanized, and not the last. There is a plan to reform several territorial defense brigades into mechanized ones.

Official statement:

It’s time to get even more powerful! 100th Territorial Defense Brigade is a history, and 100th Mechanized Brigade takes its place. The Volyn brigade has passed a long battle path, and never made a step back. The success of our brigade didn’t go unnoticed, and the army command has made a decision to reform our brigade.

Unit’s page of 100th Mechanized Brigade has been updated to reflect these changes.

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Wish them best of luck. Will there be a new Territorial Defense Brigade for Volyn Oblast?

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