Ukraine raises southern territorial defense units amid the possible threat on the border with Crimea and along the sea.

Armed Forces of Ukraine announced the activation of Territorial Defense Units (known as TRO) in the southern part of Ukraine. It was announced by the press service of the Ukrainian Land Forces on April 6. The purpose is to increase the capacity of the units and provide the training to improve skills necessary for assigned tasks.


  • protection and defense of administrative border with Crimea
  • protection of the cost
  • protection of critical objects and bridges
  • service at checkpoints
  • deployment on the streets in case of curfew
  • combating sabotage and reconnaissance forces and illegal armed groups

Territorial Defense Forces are a reserve component of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and they have defensive responsibilities, as noted above. There are fifty-one brigades and battalions in total. Southern Territorial Defense Units have five brigades and five battalions.

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