Estimated organization of Ukrainian 14th Mechanized Brigade as of September 2023.


The 14th Mechanized Brigade is one of the more skilled units of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, known for the defense of Makariv at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, essential in preventing the encirclement of Kyiv from the west. In the past months, it has been near-constantly deployed on the Kupyansk-Svatove axis.

The main fighting body of the Brigade is composed by its three Mechanized Battalions

  • They are largely equipped with BMP-1 IFVs, along with a few captured BMP-2s. A few Tigr IMVs have also been captured.
  • The use of Italian-donated Mod. 63 (120mm) mortars in the organic Mortar Batteries has also been noticed in articles and pictures.

The 1st Motorized Battalion Volyn joined the Brigade at some point in 2015. Its current equipment and vehicles are unknown.

  • Humvees have been seen on the Brigade’s socials, potentially (but uncertainly) used by Volyn Battalion.

The Tank Battalion of the Brigade seems to field a wide variety of MBTs. These include:

The Brigade’s Artillery Group, composed of four battalions, employs:

The Anti-Aircraft Defense Battalion has been seen in action with 9K35 Strela-10 systems. 2K22 Tunguska hasn’t been seen since February 2022 and was possibly passed to a different unit.


Visit unit’s page of 14th Mechanized Brigade on our site to learn more about the unit.

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During the summer, the objective of the Russian armed forces was to cede as little ground as possible to the Ukrainian forces, while at the same time inflicting a high rate of wear and tear and losses of men, vehicles and materials, such as to cause the Ukrainian soldiers to lose confidence (and not only).
After almost five months of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, in light of the almost complete

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