Estimated organization of Ukrainian 110th Mechanized Brigade as of November 2023.


110th Mechanized Brigade is a mechanized brigade of Ukrainian Ground Forces, formed shortly after the Russian full-scale invasion.

The three Mechanized Battalions all seem to field a variety of BMP-1sBMP-2s (including some captured and re-entered into service) and YPR-765s.

  • One of the Mechanized Battalions might be nicknamed “Coyote”, though this was only mentioned in one Facebook post.
  • Humvees are also used in some form.
  • The 3rd Mechanized Battalion is confirmed to employ a 2nd Mortar Battery, likely meaning the others also do (both 82mm and 120mm mortars seen in use).
  • Donated M3 MAAWS rocket launchers are also in the Brigade’s arsenal.

12th Separate Rifle Battalion and 468th Rifle Battalion seems to be under the command of 110th Mechanized Brigade as well. Whether this is a temporary or permanent assignment is unknown.

No Tank Battalion could be confirmed through public sources despite a few tank captures. It seems that 110th and 115th Mechanized Brigades are without the standard tank battalion.

The Artillery Group is particularly unique in its equipment.

  • One Battalion uses D-30 (122mm) towed howitzers, including Pakistani-supplied P1A1 122mm shells.
  • The heavier Battalion is equipped with Czech-donated DANA vz. 77 (152mm) wheeled SPHs. Only 13 were donated (enough for two batteries) and two were damaged but probably repaired.
  • The Rocket Artillery Battalion uses Czech-donated RM-70 Vampire MLRS.
  • The Target Acquisition Battery has integrated one of the Brigade’s main UAV units, named BUAR after the Battery itself.

RUBpAK (acronym for “Strike UAVs Company”) is the other main UAV group, largely employing FPV-type drones.

Signalmen of the Brigade have been seen using pickups for movement along the front.

The Maintenance Battalion is standard-equipped with BREM-2 ARVs.


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