Operation Report is a summary of what happened in the Joint Forces Operation Zone (previously known as Anti-Terrorist Operation zone or ATO) during the last week.


April 5, 2021
Gelebrant Victor 
92nd Mechanized Brigade
He was killed during an artillery attack on Ukrainian positions near Zolote-4, Luhansk Region.


Moroz Vladislav
72nd Mechanized Brigade – 3rd Mechanized Battalion
He was killed during an artillery attack on Ukrainian positions near Spartak, Donetsk Region. 


April 6, 2021
Mironov Denis 
Myrotvorets Regiment
He died at 8:30 in the morning during a duty on checkpoint near Svatove, Luhansk Oblast. No further details specified.


Shpak Volodymyr
58th Mechanized Brigade – Anti-tank platoon
He was killed by an enemy mortar attack on Ukrainian positions near Nevelske, Donetsk Oblast. 


Steblyanko Maxim
1st Tank Brigade – Mechanized Battalion
An unknown explosive device exploded near a Ukrainian military vehicle. He died on spot.


April 8, 2021
Yushko Denis 
36th Marines Brigade
He was kille during an enemy artillery attack on Ukrainian positions near Vodyane, Donetsk Region.


April 10, 2021
Teperik Andrey 
92nd Mechanized Brigade – 1st Mechanized Battalion
Killed during a patrol near Zolote-5, Luhansk Region. No further details specified.


 In Ukraine

Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 visited Donbas for the first time

Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle Bayraktar TB2 flew over Eastern Ukraine yesterday. It was the first time when the Turkish-made UAV visited Donbas.

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Territorial Brigades start its training

Territorial Defense Brigades of Zaporozia and Kherson began their military training and will soon be deployed to protect important facilities and border.

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Lviv plant modernize more tanks

Ukrainian Lviv Armored Plant announces the modernization of five T-64s and T-72s for the Ukrainian Army.

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