Invasion maps slider available

Go back in time and see how each frontline has evolved.

One of the most requested feature for our Invasion maps by our visitors was the ability to go back and compare Ukrainian and Russian setbacks/advances. I’m happy to announce that the feature, in the form of a slider, is now available on our site.

Visit, pick a desired frontline and enjoy!

The slider doesn’t only show how each frontline has evolved, but also how our Invasion maps evolved and changed over the time.

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Thank you for this slider, great feature!

This front area has a minor issue, day 150 doesn’t order in the right place.


Very nice. Thank you.


Thanks for all your efforts bro.
I can help you with designs when you need it.

Pikująca Szozda

Thanks for all your hard work. I just have to point out that the “Ukrainian Full Map” has the wrong URL – it actually links to the Bakhmut map.