May 21, 2023

Invasion Day 452 – Summary

The summary of the situation of Russian re-invasion to Ukraine covering the last 48 hours, as of 21st May 2023 – 22:00 (Kyiv time). Sloboda Front includes the area of between Oskil and Aydar river Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of: Masyutivka Siverskyi Donets overview map of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Bakhmut and…


The summary of the situation of Russian re-invasion to Ukraine covering the last 48 hours, as of 21st May 2023 – 22:00 (Kyiv time).

Sloboda Front

includes the area of between Oskil and Aydar river

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • Masyutivka

Siverskyi Donets

overview map of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Bakhmut and Lysychansk vicinity

  • Ukrainian artillery shelled a Russian vehicle west of Chervonopopivka. Based on the geolocation and the fact that the Ukrainian General Staff didn’t report any repelled Russian attacks in the area of the settlement, it’s safe to assume Ukrainian forces were pushed away from the area of Chervonopopivka. (source)
  • Ukrainian 30th Mechanized Brigade assaulted and captured Russian positions just north of Sakko i Vantsetti settlement. (source)

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • Ivano-Darivka

Bakhmut Front

includes the vicinity of Bakhmut

  • 2nd Assault Battalion of Ukrainian 3rd Assault Brigade stormed Russian positions east of Bila Hora and pushed the enemy behind the canal. Footage was released on May 3, I apologize for missing it. (source)
  • Taking into consideration recent statements by 24th Assault Battalion Aidar, it seems Ukrainian forces managed to push the enemy a bit further away from Ivanivske.

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • Hryhorivka, Bakhmut, Ivanivske, Bila Hora

Bakhmut City

the city of Bakhmut

  • Considering Russian advances yesterday, it’s very likely they control Bakhmut Industrial College and the nearby area now as well.
  • Wagner mercenaries raised its flag on a high raise building next to the plane monument in the south-western part of Bakhmut. (source)
  • Given the enemy showed the flag only from far away, and that there is undated video of Ukrainian Special Operations Forces moving through the residential area in the western Bakhmut, we’ll wait 24 hours for a clearer picture before painting the rest of Bakhmut as Russian controlled. Thank you for understanding.

Avdiivka Front

includes the vicinity of Avdiivka

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • Novokalynove, Avdiivka, Sieverne, Pervomaiske

Donetsk Front

includes the center and southern part of Donetsk Oblast

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • Marinka, Novomykhailivka

Zaporizhzhia Front

includes the Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • No activity reported.

Kalanchak Front

includes the left bank of Dnipro river south of Kherson and Kakhovka

  • No activity reported.

Full map

The full overview map of current situation.


Looking for an interactive map? We got you covered. Visit our original Deployment map.

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This summary and detailed maps are based on the following sources:

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, official media channels of Ukrainian regional administrations, Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and geolocated footage.

We also thank the following Twitter users for their geolocations and amazing work: @neonhandrail, @auditor_ya and the team at @geoconfirmed.


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It would make sense to invade russian territory, they didn’t build up their defences there and probably dont have many troops either, also, it could damage Putin’s image internally.

Attacking Kherson, pryazovia or donetsk would be suicide, Russians have a defensive line 30km deep, more troops than Ukraine and the Dniepr defending Kherson.


In fact, this would make sense by activating the entire population of Russia to a second Great Patriotic War.


That is if Russians are willing to partecipate in a bloody war, their national secutiry ain’t at risk, they can end this war right now if they want, this is not like WW2 when Germany was committed to sterminate the whole of Russia no matter what.

Pikująca Szozda

Yeah, but do ordinary Russians know this? Putin is selling this war as a reaction to Western aggression. Obviously, this is nonsense, but some of his subjects may be buying it. How many – I don’t know.

Last edited 1 year ago by Pikująca Szozda

‘average Russian’ is in the mode: ‘Don’t care, not my problem’. There is quite vocal militaristic and fashist-alike minority (estimated at most as 20%) and slightly smaller silent anti-war opposition (vocal is jailed or emigrated). Two decades of depolitisation have took a toll. That’s why Putin is targetting minors, skipping the generation.


no risk. Russia officialy minimise the situation. They are affraid to the wake up of russian population ( The tsar want to keep his head).

Its only saboteur group, nothing important. Its not russian or ukrain, but british special force and neo nazi. But remember, nothing happens.


Line of defense here or there. It only makes sense if soldiers protect it.But the Russians always disappear as soon as they spot Ukrainian military on the horizon.How often in recent months have the Russians deserted positions they thought were safe simply because the Ukrainians were advancing near them?

JJ Gonzo

No, this entire Belgorod raid makes absolutely no sense. What benefits UA got? They took 2 villages for 2 days, lost some vehicles and that’s it.


It could be to keep their own morale high until the offensive or maybe they are planning no offensive at all which forces them to raid Russia to keep their morale high, after all Ukraine is the one which needs victories to keep their morale high, Russians can’t go lower than this.


No this was very wrong. Equipment and Ukrainian allies’ lives were lost in this operation – Ukraine can’t afford the same mistakes as Russia. This action only benefits Russian propaganda – they will say their war is justified. This is playing into the cards of the anti-Ukrainian movements in Europe and the US, which can jeopardise future support and it is tarnishing Ukraine’s international image


These voluntary legions should serve Ukraine on the front where they can actually be useful, besides the world is not supporting Ukraine to occupy the territory of another country, but to liberate its territories from Russian aggression. Ukraine should have the higher moral standard and win the argument that freedom and democracy are better than Russian authoritarian imperialism

Max Beckhaus

It is legal and mostly necessary to fight on the attackers ground. Obviously Russian detachments are also eager to fight on their soil. Supporting insurgencies in Russia is obviously helpful. Russia also may have to put more troops on boarder guard. At least it will make Russian leadership guess what’s next. Exchanging Belgorod for Mariupol may be a valid strategy…

Max Beckhaus

At least it was a successful pay ops, if you ask me.


No it wasn’t, up to 70 volunteers for the upcoming offensive were killed, MaxxPros and 3 HMMWVs were destroyed and captured. This action will also lead to a greater prosecution of the Russian opposition – Russia’s last hope for democracy. This op was a complete failure and shouldn’t have happened.

Also any land exchange is just very wrong. International borders should stay the way they are


Why do you trust what Russians are saying ?

There is no proof of those “70 volunteers killed”, the video of the destroyed vehicules is probably staged (which could mean there is no real losses to be shown).

And the operation was successful: now, Russia must defend the whole border, with at least a couple of brigades.


I agree that Ukraine should shell Russia and attack strategic goals with drones, but helping anyone to occupy Russian land is not okay for the reasons I already stated. Russia isn’t going to redeploy any troops because of this incident, they have a lot of soldiers that don’t fight in Ukraine and these legions are just too small to have any effect other than to strengthen Russian propaganda


But Ukraine does not occupy Russia. It’s just some small raids, and Ukraine is not involved 🙂

Russia IS redeploying troops because of this attack (and the many other that can happen anywhere on their border), they will have to put at least 2 or 3 brigades to defend the border.

And Russian propaganda does not care about facts, it will not be strengthened or weakened by this attack.


Yes yes we know. russia just do the war in ukrain without all his force. and if zelinski is not polite with putin, russia will really do the war and send his troops.

Seriously, who can trust in your hiding russian reserves ?


oh. because before, they say their special operation was not justified?

Max Beckhaus

Ukrainian MoD reported 40 Russian artillery systems destroyed this morning. That is a new daily record by a big margin. For comparison, the whole of July ’22 was 136 systems. I do not know what is going on, but it is absurd.


Indeed, the MOD claim is absurd, as is often the case.


Why are you saying it is absurd, without giving any argument?

Max Beckhaus

Well, it could be:
1) A change in the method used for data generation. Which would make as a form of
2) Psychological warfare. Or
3) Something big is brewing on the battlefield.
Well, it will be easy to clear this up via oryx in June.


Oryx is also not 100% reliable. Because only the visually confirmed data is recorded. Anything that doesn’t have pictures doesn’t appear in their database.Although their data is probably closer to reality than that of the government.


It was that way since Russians stopped attacking everywhere constantly. My guess is that Ukrainian artillery does not have to target attacking troops thus is more available for counterbattery duty.

Max Beckhaus

That may be one reason. Others may be the use of accumulated precision munitions, like 155, guided rockets and bombs and drones. Ukraine started also hunting eletronic warfare systems and radars in February and picked it up in March/April even further. This destroys counter measures vs. those guided systems and AD systems are also being hunted. So i think all of this starts to add up nicely.

Max Beckhaus

And there has also been an influx in pecision artillery systems and more counter battery radars and finally the lost EW, Radar and AD systems are missed in stopping drone intelligence on the frontline, which may be the greatest factor. Oh, and Ukraine has so many precision capabilities now, that they can use more of those on artillery systems. And finally, they may have switched their targeting

Max Beckhaus



And if we look the map, the capture area is protected by 2 river.

So if they took the city rapidly, they can try to hold this small area.


there us not really a point (besides being killed). They have made a mess and substantial shit hit the fan. Time to vacate the premise.


Its depend to what russia Can send here fast.


To precise, if russia have to cross the river, they have have to move heavy logistic. Its take time and precious ressources (and it IS the military goal of this opération)

Each russian soldier here IS not in ukrain. Each bomb who fall on russia dont fall on ukrain.

Wait and see.


So russsia will take troops close. im Kremina area.

will urkain push im this direction in few days?


Belgorod in 3 days ! Jerome must add a new map to his summaries: Belgorod front 🙂

just kidding


I don’t understand why Ukraine just lets these Russian legions attack random villages on the Russian border. These legions could (and should) serve Ukraine on the front instead, besides such clashes only serve the interest of Russian propaganda, since Russia likes to play the victim so much


What do you mean ? Ukraine has no involvement *wink*. It’s just Russian separatists who want to be free from the nazi regime in Moscow. They bought some tanks and BMP in a grocery store, and now they are defending their freedom against the evil Moscow militants who has been bombing them from 2014.

Long live the independant People’s Republic of Belgorod !


yes, we need a referendum.
My niece’s gamster which we sadly ate starving through the deadly winter as many other Europeans, still wants to vote. Spiritually!


after the fall of Bakhmut Ukrainian society needs “victories”


Putin is not able to defend russian frontier. yes great russian propaganda. lol

With this raids, ukrain will force russia to move troops from ukrain to russia.

And the fact, their is nobody to stop a light compagny is a new answer to the people who still dream about a secret russian army waiting for the D day.


During ww2 air raids on german cities made the people more willing to fight, mass psychology works weird


we are not talking about massiv aerial raids on city ….


My point was that being attacked, even in an offensive war you started, is a morale boost, psychology doesnt know coherence


Ukrainians – masters of the psychological game. Three days ago the Russians captured Bakhmut, and today everyone is talking about an attack in the direction of Belgorod. In the 15th month of the “three-day operation”, the Russians are unable to catch dozens of saboteurs.


high level of denial ability (‘anybody can buy an uniform or tank in the online store’ as Master Strategists Vladimir Vladivirovich once said), serious embarrassment for the RuAF and producing general mess and confusion.

Besides, who would not support liberty loving citizens of Democratic Bielogrod Peoples’ Republic?


Something is happening on the border of Ukraine at the Hayvoron checkpoint. Very similar Russian volunteer corps crossed the border on tanks and helicopters, fighting is going on in the territory of the Belgorod People’s Republic. It seems that Jerome will have more work…

Max Beckhaus

Ukraine passed its previous reported record of monthly destroyed artillery systems (333 in October) on the 21st! of May and of destroyed special equipment on the 20th of may (63 in April).
This is how shapeing the battlefield in the 21st centuary for a offensive looks like i guess. If Ukraine can sustain this, then the Russian frontline will crumble sooner or later.

Last edited 1 year ago by Max Beckhaus

Add six Kinzhals to that. Or 26?

Max Beckhaus

7 actually.


These figures are no better than Konashenkov’s figures. But you go on believing 🙂 Because you are thus confirming that Russia can manufacture mountains of weapons

Max Beckhaus

Ukrainian MoD Numbers are about Double those of oryx Open source visual confirmed Numbers. Oryx itself Staates ist Numbers underestimate real losses. So MoD of Ukraine tells half truths, or better. That is very far away from russian lies. Go back to your Troll ditch.


That’s actually what I wrote about. If everything is so good and the losses are such, but the front is not falling apart, it means that Russia is capable of producing mountains of weapons.

Max Beckhaus

Yes, russia has a huge industrial military complex and has, or had, huge reserves. So yes, they have to destroy mountains of gear and they do it.


A meaningful UA counter-offensive seems impossible now… they gave the orcs too much time to dig in their holes… UA units are inexperienced, armour is mixed (western & soviet), no heavy air support (drones only), they need to attack in the open (not defend in urban areas), bridges are down (crossing won’t be easy), Kyiv needs to remain protected (too many RU troops in Belarus atm).

Max Beckhaus

I doubt that. Ukraine is waiting for the right moment, rigt now they are winning the war of attrition. The battlefield is being shaped just nicely. Btw, i would call western cruise missle a heavy air support in deed and if Ukraine manages to win the tactical drone war, which i would argue they do, they do not need to attack at all. They just keep destroying gear/artillery.

Last edited 1 year ago by Max Beckhaus

I surely hope you are right!


I tend to agree with TKL. No air cover is a big deal. Have they got white phosphorus or thermobaric bombs for the ruzzian trenches? Could be huge casualties – tens of thousands. I am really concerned.


The small counter-attacks around Bakhmut showed that Ukrainians are quite effective at attacking trenches, using smart support from drones and armored vehicules. The videos of theses attacks also showed a lack of moral (and of AT weapons) on the Russian side. That’s encouraging.

It remain to be seen if Ukrainians can do the same against better entrenched troops.


When it comes to life and death, one can no longer speak of morality. The problem of the Russians is the natural reality from which one cannot protect oneself.Tiredness, hunger, physical exhaustion, thirst are serious.
The Russians have big problems with supplies, rotation, 1000 km from home without contact, etc.That’s why they also have very big problems defending positions…


… lack of concentration and no strength to defend themselves.
Ukrainians fight zombies and wrecks pumped full of chemicals.


Why do you think so many ukrain units turns on bakmut front during last months?

digging hole is the first step. The second step is to put a soldier in the hole. empty holes didnt stop anythings.

Ya boi

80th brought to the front near Klishchiivka? Attack coming soon?