The summary of the situation of Russian re-invasion to Ukraine covering the last 48 hours, as of 1st April 2023 – 22:00 (Kyiv time).

Sloboda Front

includes the area of between Oskil and Aydar river

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • Stelmakhivka

Siverskyi Donets

overview map of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Bakhmut and Lysychansk vicinity

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • Makiivka, Chervonopopivka, Dibrova, Kuzmyne, Kreminna, Serebryanske forest, Bilohorivka, Verkhnokamyanske

Bakhmut Front

includes the vicinity of Bakhmut

  • Ukrainian forces conducted a counter-attack and pushed Russians a bit away from Ivanivske. However, as the footage lacks snow, it was likely recorded a few days ago. (source)

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • Orikhovo-Vasylivka, Bohdanivka, Bakhmut, Ivanivske

Bakhmut City

the city of Bakhmut

  • Ukrainian forces hit, or blew up, a bridge in the northern part of Bakhmut, indicating that the northern side of the bridge is no longer under Ukrainian control. (source)
  • The enemy managed to advance south in the area of Tsvetmet Zavod complex. The video might be a few days older, but shows the Russian progress nevertheless. (source)
  • Artillery of Ukrainian 77th Airmobile Brigade hit Wagner mercenaries north of Khromove, confirming the presence of the Ukrainian brigade and our marking of the area. (source)

Avdiivka Front

includes the vicinity of Avdiivka

  • Russian artillery hit Ukrainian troops north-east of Krasnohorivka, showing Ukrainian forces control more territory near the settlement than we previously thought. (source)
  • The enemy reached a dam near Vesele settlement. (source)
  • Marines of 36th Marine Brigade raided Russian positions north of Vodyane. (source)

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • Novobakhmutivka, Stepove, Avdiivka, Sieverne, Vodyane, Pervomaiske

Donetsk Front

includes the center and southern part of Donetsk Oblast

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • Krasnohorivka, Marinka

Zaporizhzhia Front

includes the Zaporizhzhia Oblast

  • Russian army shelled Ukrainian positions near Novodanylivka, clarifying more the area of control in the vicinity of Orikhiv. (source)

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • No activity reported.

Kalanchak Front

includes the left bank of Dnipro river south of Kherson and Kakhovka

  • No change on the ground during the past 48 hours.

Full map

The full overview map of current situation.


Looking for an interactive map? We got you covered. Visit our original Deployment map.

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This summary and detailed maps are based on the following sources:

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, official media channels of Ukrainian regional administrations, Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and geolocated footage.

We also thank the following Twitter users for their geolocations and amazing work: @neonhandrail, @auditor_ya and the team at @geoconfirmed.

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Responding to Tristan who wrote: “Then explain why Donetsk is not destroyed like Mariinka, Adiivka, Bakhmut, Popasna, etc ? Every city destroyed in the Donbas is because Russians shelled it”.

I don’t understand what you are trying to say.


When tens of thousands of artillery shells fall on a city, the results is like Mariinka, Adiivka, Bakhmut, Popasna, etc. I could add Marioupol, Lysychansk, Sieverodonetsk, and many other cities.

On the other hand, Donetsk is mostly spared. Q.E.D.


Ukraine isn’t shelling Russian positions because Russians have more artillery and would use Ukraine’s shelling to find where their artillery is placed and shell them.

It’s not because Ukraine is particularly good-hearted.


Ukraine understands counter battery fire and how to hit and avoid return fire.

JJ Gonzo

Vatniks were smoking too much again, Petersburg this time 🙂


Yeah, the fascist shouldn’t have accepted his well-deserved “Vatnik of the Year” award. We won’t regret him.


Yes, indeed, killing journalists is the best way to win this war.


Since this guy was probably killed by Russians, and Russians are losing the war, you have a point.


Sure – and the Russians are also shelling Donetsk, right?


Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, dozens of Russians that have been assassinated (or “committed suicide”, or “fell from a window”). Russian Mafia (aka Putin’s government) uses mafia methods for their internal struggles.

You don’t know that ? I thought you knew a lot of things…

Food for though

Don’t you know that he was pro Putin blogger? No need for Putin’s Mafia to take him out. Were you saying the same kind of jokes for Dugin’s daughter?


Yes, that one was probaly killed by Russians too. Both fascists who called for Ukrainian genocide, they both deserved to die.

So, if Putin’s Mafia kills their own, I won’t complain.


People do not deserve to die – under no circumstances. This is a basic principle of human rights, one that differs our judicial and municipal system from that of dictators and autocrats. Don’t throw that away so easily.


This is pure speculation. There is absolutely no reason to assume the Russians would have been more likely to kill Tatarsky than the Ukrainians. Unless one assumes that the Ukrainians are unwilling or unable to commit terrorists acts in Russia, something I believe nobody will seriously claim.


There are several good reasons to assume the Russians would do that:
1) it’s far easier for the FSB (or any other Russian group) to operate in Moscow and St Peterburg (and cover their tracks) than Ukrainians
2) there are plenty of other examples of Russians murdering their own for whatever reason
3) there is an internal struggle between Prigojin, the FSB, the MoD and many other factions


Its a big operation for ukrain. Risking to lost infiltrated personel.

Just to kill a man who IS not important ? And who will be immediatly replace by another ?

Maybe its pro ukr group, maybe anti War russian group and maybe just a criminal kill by another criminal.


And the Crimean bridge also blew up the Kremlin. Why am I not surprised…


Let’s be reasonable. Tens of thousands of shells have fallen on Donetsk since 2014…


And why would that be the case?


What do you mean?


Then explain why Donetsk is not destroyed like Mariinka, Adiivka, Bakhmut, Popasna, etc ? Every city destroyed in the Donbas is because Russians shelled it.

And remember that if Russia had not invaded Ukraine in 2014, no artillery shell would have fallen on any of those cities.


I think its happens 1 or 2 Times. Or just make false flags with used bombe/missile.

JJ Gonzo

“Journalists”? 😉 You made my day, vatnik


Funny, but you are repeating Hamas arguments: we should kill all Israelis because there are no civilians among them, but only Mossad agents and Tzahal soldiers. Good boy!


It’s quite simple… He knew too much or it was a false flag…. From this follows the simple Russian logic.

He can be dangerous for the Kremlin because of his knowledge, so kill him. or

We are supposed to believe that it was the Ukrainians and Russia can retaliate. For this it needs a “virgin” who is sacrificed, so kill.


People who call for the killing of women and children must expect to be killed themselves at some point.

Whoever is to blame, he has done the right thing.


Wagner is moving forward faster than it did a few months ago because now it’s almost all regular Wagner employees fighting.

However, I wonder what Prigoshin’s purpose is in having his private army decimated so much. After the Ukraine war, Wagner has no more soldiers.

Is it really worth it to him or is it just about his own desires? If I were Wagner’s commander, I would have beaten him up long ago


Faster ? Really ? I didnt notice a significativ change.

Wagner IS not prigozine personal army. It IS a putin ” out of system” army . Initially create to no official intervention.


Wagner is only a means to an end for Putin. Wagner was set up by
Prigoshin and financed mainly from private funds. So it is also
Prigoshin’s private army…. The Kremlin has its own PMC, Patriot.
Probably, he even likes the fact that so many Wagner fighters lose their
lives in Ukraine. Because they can be dangerous for him at home and he
must avoid that at all costs.


Financed from private found?

You really think that Wagner dont work and be paid by the Kremlin ?


perhaps because Prigozhin wants to show people,that only his Wagner has succesfuls at frontline,i guess thats the reason why he wants to take control of Bakhmut,with such heavy casualities


Has the shelling of the Kherson region by the Russians decreased?


I hope there is no April fools joke somewhere.
The situation in bakhmut is very complicated rn. Russia still pushes, but they stopped the full encirclement, Idt that they did it because of exhaustion, but a move they pulled already a lot of times whenever they can squeeze the enemy out instead of full encirclement, the enemy will still suffer greatly under this approach, you will too but as much


But not as much as the enemy, since you don’t need to deal with death trapped soldiers who will by then only think about fight as a hero or die a coward. You want to give them the hope to escape and stay alive so that their willingness to fight is not as great and their moral broken. War is also psychological after all.

Max Beckhaus

Ukraine is imposing its will upon Russia, that’s all I see. Fighting retreat till the counteroffensive starts, keeping russia busy while minimizing losses.

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