March 28, 2023

Invasion Day 398 – Summary

The summary of the situation of Russian re-invasion to Ukraine covering the last 48 hours, as of 28th March 2023 – 22:00 (Kyiv time). Sloboda Front includes the area of between Oskil and Aydar river Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of: Sinkivka, Krokhmalne Siverskyi Donets overview map of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Bakhmut…


The summary of the situation of Russian re-invasion to Ukraine covering the last 48 hours, as of 28th March 2023 – 22:00 (Kyiv time).

Sloboda Front

includes the area of between Oskil and Aydar river

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • Sinkivka, Krokhmalne

Siverskyi Donets

overview map of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Bakhmut and Lysychansk vicinity

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • Kuzmyne, Kreminna, Bilohorivka, Verkhnokamyanske, Berestove, Vesele

Bakhmut Front

includes the vicinity of Bakhmut

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • Orikhovo-Vasylivka, Bohdanivka, Bakhmut, Ivanivske, Stupochky, Predtechyne

Bakhmut City

the city of Bakhmut

  • Ukrainian troops blew up a building, which was occupied by the Wagner mercenaries. The video also shows the southern part of Bakhmut is no longer under Ukrainian control. (source)
  • Wagner mercenaries captured school no.5 in the southern Bakhmut. (source)

Avdiivka Front

includes the vicinity of Avdiivka

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • Novobakhmutivka, Novokalinova, Stepove, Avdiivka, Sieverne, Pervomaiske, Nevelske

Donetsk Front

includes the center and southern part of Donetsk Oblast

  • The enemy captured school no. 2 in the center of Marinka. Although the source is Russian state founded TV, the geolocation proves the enemy presence in the area. (source)
  • Ukrainian artillery targeted a group of Russian troops north-west of Mykilske. It seems the remnants of dacha area nearby are no longer under Ukrainian control. (source)

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • Krasnohorivka, Marinka

Zaporizhzhia Front

includes the Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Ukrainian General Staff reports repelled attacks in the vicinity of:

  • No activity reported.

Kalanchak Front

includes the left bank of Dnipro river south of Kherson and Kakhovka

  • No change on the ground during the past 48 hours.

Full map

The full overview map of current situation.


Looking for an interactive map? We got you covered. Visit our original Deployment map.

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This summary and detailed maps are based on the following sources:

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, official media channels of Ukrainian regional administrations, Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and geolocated footage.

We also thank the following Twitter users for their geolocations and amazing work: @neonhandrail, @auditor_ya and the team at @geoconfirmed.

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here is the related article… Really worth reading


Reporting for ukrain talk about ukr offensiv activity in south.


It looks like the pyrrhic victory for russia will be here within the next few weeks. Then again, thats what i thought 2 months ago. Still the UAF must do something drastic in order to regain the city.

Max Beckhaus

Yes, it is a fighting retreat. I doubt that Ukraine will counterattack in the Donbas.


Crimea could be more important for Ukraine. Especially since almost nothing has been destroyed there and it is therefore economically more lucrative. And just from a symbolic point of view, it is of course nicer to present an intact Crimea than a completely destroyed, hopeless Donbass.


After the reconquest, Crimea will be as destroyed as Bakmut.


More like kherson


Ukraine would need a lot of armor support to advance in the south towards Mariupol and then they would need to liberate what’s left of Kherson Oblast, that will likely take a lot of time if doable, besides to enter Ukraine they would need to cross the Armyansk chokepoint and Russia can supply up to 20k troops with ferries alone for sure (2014 invasion), maybe more now.


At least to fix russian, they have to push Somewhere in dombass or in the North.

Crossing thé river at kremina or pushing in direction of lysyshansk.

Max Beckhaus

I don’t know. To me it looks like they are fixing themselves just fine.


Wait and see… every one was saying last year that Kiev will fall when RUS breached the suburbs and they were destroyed month after… It is exactly the same scenario here : let RUS penetrate deeper and deeper to extend their supply lines and wear them far from their reserves to destroy them more easily… all arrive just in time 🙂 remember the Kharkiv and Kherson counter offensives


Agree, still there is no benefit to underestemating the enemy. The RAF are a joke, but still a very real enemy. Without the help of the world, Ukraine would have fallen. But I am much more confident in the UAF.


Capturing Kiev was against the published objectives of SMO. They destroyed specific military targets that didn’t have a civilian use and kept the refugee egress and food supply routes open.

Russia didn’t use Soviet weapons; Ukraine did. Russia had exhausted theirs long ago in other wars. A person in a city hears what seems to be a helicopter overhead and fires up, the rocket falls back: boom!


“Russia didn’t use Soviet weapons”. Sorry, what? What are T-72s, AK-47s, T-80s, Mig29s if not Soviet weapons? Designed by Soviets, built by Soviets, paid for by Soviets.


Thank you. I mispoke. I meant to refer to Soviet munitions, not weapons. Even the old Soviet munitions in Transnistriavare are mostly expired. Russia has expended their Soviet munitions through a dozen wars, and have developed and manufactured better ones. They use much more advanced munitions today. The Soviet rockets hiting in Ukraine were fired by Ukraine.


That’s bullshit, again.

Russia does use Soviet rockets (e.g. Totchka-U) as well as Soviet ammunitions. Yes, they are expired, but Russians use them anyway. With, sometimes, fatal consequences for the operators.

And, given they got expired rations, Russian soldiers may also have soviet rations :p


How can someone write so much bullshit in one comment ? They were and are still using medieval aged weapons it is why they are not winning anything since months….which town did they took since Soledar ???? Why are they still not able to advance in Donbass


What is the 54MB Base in Bakhmuth?

Orbital View

It’s the home base for 54 Mech Brigade – if you check on the unit page you will see they are from Machmut

Orbital View

It is the home base of 54th MB (as on their unit page)


it is the place given to the 54 Brigade to be their base. it is an old, abandoned, soviet military base that was given to them somewhere around 2016-2017. because originally this Brigade was formed right on the frontline. This place was in such a bad condition that only somewhere around 2020 it was good enough to stay here for a long time. sadly, all work spent to restore it is gonna be lime


Thanks… I could have thought of it myself, I’m an idiot.

Last edited 1 year ago by defr0ke

US Secretary of Defense Austin says he believes Ukraine now has upper hand against Russia due to “significant casualties” inflicted on Russian troops and depletion of armored vehicles: Carla Babb, Local Source via Twitter.

If true, we should see military initiative shifting back to Ukraine soon.


This statement should be treated with caution. As long as Ukraine is still in defense mode, they do not yet have the upper hand over Russia. At the moment, Russia is still in control as long as they continue to attack and make gains on the ground.

Max Beckhaus

Russia is not in control, they have the initiativ. Austin, Milley are simply confident, that Russia is going to lose the initiative and that the counteroffensive will be a success. I am also very confident concerning the initiative, if spring/summer willbring a success, we will see.


Translator translated it wrong… Actually, I wanted to write that Russia still has control over the already conquered territories.


Also don’t forget that the Russians are digging in and placing mines everywhere. I hope Ukraine doesn’t get stuck the same way the Russians got stuck in the Donbass


I dont see anythings serious on this fortifications since months. Who know if all the front IS seriously cover by a Maginot/Siegfried lign? Or just trench dig by mobiks without any idea to how build a défensive lign?

But thé most important IS: will russia have the troops to cover all the lign?

They still try to do thé War with less troops than needed.


Russia sends troops back to Russia after four months in combat. They upgrade their equipment, rest, train, and do the other maintenance and logistics work. They are experienced and fresh when they return to combat. Only about a quarter of Russia’s military are in combat at any time. Russia is in it for the long war against all of NATO, not just Ukraine.


Yes they lose against ukrain but its just BEcause their objectiv IS otan.

Who Can trust this comics lie ?


I thought that people here would follow the maps. Russia keeps advancing; Ukraine keeps falling back. The line of contact moves Westward. Has Ukraine gained any ground in the last month?


Look the Map again.

Who control kherson, lyman, kupiansk ?

The lign of contact dont really move since 6months. 6 months of russian offensive easily controled by ukrain.


Do you really believe all rhat nonsense, dear chap?


Last year’s Russian mistakes in Kharkiv region were mind-bogging: no trenches and fortifications, no second and third lines of defense, no mines, no troops to properly cover hundreds or kilometers of frontline. The humiliating retreat that ensued was logical. The writing was on the wall. Now, surely, the picture will be different, as both armies will be ready – one to attack, the other to defend


Russia didn’t fortify Kharkiv because the never intended to stay. They went into Kharkiv and evacuated everyone who was willing to Russia, mostly Moscow. They then pulled most troops out to protect the referendums. They kept a small diversionary force there. The fact that Ukraine saw that and knew where to attack proved that US was feeding UA real-time satellite data.


so, my dear, it was ‘a feint’ ofc. Right?


No, it wasn’t a feint. It was an evacuation of the willing civilians. Russia had to focus on defending the referendums, so they couldn’t afford the troops to also defend Kharkiv. They hadn’t called up their reserves yet. They didn’t have enough forces in theatre to supply the ammunition that would have been needed to hold that line. Wars run on logistics.


“Referendums” recognised by virtually no sovereign country but North Korea I think.
What do you mean by “Russia … _defend_ Kharkiv”? They never got beyond shelling the people there.
What is your point?


If it was a feint or a diversion they would have attacked UKR positions BY SURPRISE elsewhere but it was not the case : they just flee like terrorized dogs


You just get worse!


Thanks for the updated map. Shouldn’t the information “The enemy captured school no. 2 and nearby area” be under the Bakhmut city map?

Taymyr 74

This school is located in Marinka.


Thank you