October 2, 2022

Invasion Day 220 – Summary

The summary of the 220th day of Russian invasion to Ukraine, as of 22:00 – 1st October 2022 (Kyiv time). Day summary: Ukrainian Army liberated the key town of Lyman in the northern part of Donetsk Oblast and the nearby settlements. Russian forces, unable to gather enough reserves to support the garrison, decided to retreat…


The summary of the 220th day of Russian invasion to Ukraine, as of 22:00 – 1st October 2022 (Kyiv time).

Day summary:

Ukrainian Army liberated the key town of Lyman in the northern part of Donetsk Oblast and the nearby settlements. Russian forces, unable to gather enough reserves to support the garrison, decided to retreat towards Luhansk Oblast. Ukrainian forces will now likely try to advance towards Kreminna and Svatove.

Despite the problems in the north, Russian forces remain primarily focused on Bakhmut and its surroundings, where they are unable to advance and capture new positions.

Kharkiv Front

includes the area of Kharkiv and Chuhuiv

Kupyansk direction

  • Russian forces attempted to cross the border and advance in the direction of Kozacha Lopan. The attempt was stopped by Ukrainian guardsmen.
  • Ukrainian forces advanced east and liberated Kurylivka.

Bakhmut Front

includes the vicinity of Bakhmut

  • Ukrainian forces repelled Russian attacks in Soledar and Bakhmutske. The fighting continues.
  • Ukrainain defenders repelled Russian attack towards Vesela Dolyna.
  • Russian troops unsuccessfully assaulted Ukrainian positions in the vicinity of Odradivka, Zaitseve and Mayorsk.

Slovyansk Front

includes the vicinity of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk

Slovyansk direction

  • No change on the ground during the past 48 hours.

Siverskyi Donets

overview map of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Bakhmut and Lysychansk vicinity

  • Ukrainian Army liberated Drobysheve and Stavky settlements.
  • Amid the worsening situation, Russian command decided to withdrew its forces from Lyman through Zarichne towards Kreminna.
  • Ukrainian forces announced the liberation of Lyman a few hours later. The 81st Airmobile Brigade and Kulchitskyi Battalion participated in the liberation of the town.
  • Ukrainian reconnaissance element reached a bridge connecting Zarichne and Torske. Given the Russian retreat from the area, it’s likely that both settlements are under Ukrainian control.

Donetsk Front

includes the center and southern part of Donetsk Oblast

Donetsk Oblast

  • Russian forces attacked Ukrainian positions near Niu-York, but the attack was repelled.
  • The enemy tried to break through Ukrainian lines near Pervomaiske. They didn’t succeed.

Zaporizhzhia Front

includes the Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

  • No change on the ground during the past 48 hours.

Kherson Front

includes the vicinity of Kherson and Mykolaiv

  • Russian forces attacked Ukrainian positions in the area of Bezimenne settlement. The defenders repelled the attack.
  • According to unconfirmed information, Ukrainian forces launched an offensive in the area of Kreshchenivka and Zolota Balka. FIRMS data confirms artillery activity in the area.

Full map

The full overview map of current situation.


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This summary and detailed maps are based on the following sources:

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, official media channels of Ukrainian regional administrations, Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), geolocated footage and press releases of Russian Armed Forces, self-proclaimed DPR and LPR.

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Seems like it was Novo Aleksandrivka in Kherson rather than Luhansk… for now… XD


Dudchany down, Ukraine moving south to Mylove
No reinforcements atm, best case scenario may see UAF at the doors of the third line of defense, town B next to NK.

Last edited 1 year ago by cwDeici

Russian sources were worried about the above worstbest case scenario yesterday night which now appears to be at least partially materializing.

Last edited 1 year ago by cwDeici

Fighting north and northwest of Dudchany, and between Kreminna and Svatove, we’ve managed to breach the line at Novoaleksandrivka.

Last month there was a panic when Svatove and even Starobilsk were temporarily abandoned by the Russian army but not LPR units, and partisans raised the Ukrainian flag in some villages, alas the UAF hadn’t advanced far enough to take advantage.
Hopefully now!


If we have a second panic due to the Novoaleksandrivka and east of Kupyansk movements, we might get a mechanized breakthrough at Svatove. They’re prepped and LPR will need to get kicked out, but w/out regular Ru units, hopefully they can be collapsed.
Russian sources are worried about potential Dudchany collapse back to town B next to NK, but seems unlikely for now, it’s their second line.


But most likely Svatove and Dudchany will both hold for now. Very interesting developments between Svatove and Kreminna piercing their line, and the the forces north of Dudchany are moving westwards, so while Dudchany is likely to hold for now, the territories northwest of it are being flanked from the southeast, which in turn will threaten Dudchany.


“Bezimenne”, really? That means basically “No Name”, doesn’t it?



Pikująca Szozda

So how did the Russians get out of Lyman? I thought they were encircled.

Zachery Twa

Enveloped not double enveloped they still had a back door.


Encerclement was never close. They retreat via zarichne to kremina. A counterattack from kremina help them.

But zarichne (in fact all the road between lyman and kremina)was under ukrain artillery fire.

I dont want to see the video. It was a massacre.


if there was a massacre, there would’ve been a video.

there isn’t one (or at least not out yet), so they were probably completely fine escaping.


assuming from resurfacing videos, they definitely were not ‘fine’. I’d not expect many POW (e.g. soldiers simply lost – this happens almost always in such circumstances – in the woods could be tracked before they return to the Ru lines). As usual for RFAF there will be a lot of MIA (which conveniently are never reported) and late KIA (lack of medevac).

Pikująca Szozda

There are new reports suggesting that the withdrawal didn’t go so smoothly. The Ukrainians are now claiming that most of the Russians in Lyman were either captured or killed. The truth is somewhere on the spectrum between “completely fine escaping” and “completely massacred”, but we probably won’t know for a while.

Either way, Lyman is liberated, and that’s a big deal.


If you like bodies corpse. Search the video on pro ukr telegram. Dont eat before.

Big Red Ed

I’m new to telegram how do I watch this?


you click on play


I have not the link. Sorry.


You, 5 days ago, said
>people talking how russia has low moral, but lyman shows the direct opposite, >even the british acknowledged that, i think the closer it gets to the new russian >borders the harder they’ll fight
>might be some tough months ahead

Looks like they had exactly the same fighting spirit as the defenders of Isyum


ukraine lied about their achievements. considering that they had to push all the reserves and reroute troops to complete the zerg rush its understandable that they did or no one would want to fight. Lets see how long this realistic comment stays up. the owner of this place does censor.
Either way ukraine tels its ppl and the world that they are doing well. they lose about 1-5k men a day

Max Beckhaus



You are crying like some rashist troll. Get lost with that BS. 5k men/day casualities? You are making a fool of yourself.

Max Beckhaus

Listen ‘bobbo’, your life is based on lies. Lies that destroy a lot of lifes. It is never to late. Get over it. A part of me feels bad for you.

Guy Osborn

1-5k a day, mean = 3k k a day, 200 days = 600k lost! Really? I think you’ve been watching too much Ruzzian/Ruznazi media


Such a shame to because this area has the most fertile ground for crops on the planet. Now the entire land is filled with artillery and mines. Oh well.


nature will recover, as it always does and mines can be found and disarmed, won’t be easy, but also not impossible.


This region is going to be a wasteland because both sides won’t give in. Like Northern France after World War I.


War would be over in 1 day if Russia gave up, Ukraine would be over if it gave up


Yeah, they’re equally responsible, huh? Where is this war taking place again?


Not Nie-York it’s New-York



Zachery Twa

Lol I was going to correct him yesterday and decided to look it up apparently the first mention of it was in 1800s as New York was changed to Niu York for most of its history and just recently was changed back to New York .